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Special Council Prosecution of Trump is to Violate Everyone Right to Vote

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Smith Jack Prosecutor

We have a MAJOR problem with this special counsel, Jack Smith. He sought a gag order to prevent Trump from criticizing President Biden. That had absolutely NOTHING to do with his criminal case. As Epoch Times has pointed out, Smith charged Trump and used grand juries from Washington because 60%+ have responded that they would find Trump guilty before hearing any evidence.

District of Columbia County, DC, is so LEFT that it would fail a drunk/drug driving test and be unable to walk a straight line. In the District of Columbia County, DC, 92.1% voted Democrat in the last presidential election, 5.4% voted for the Republican Party, and the remaining 2.5% voted Independent. There is absolutely no way anything Trump says would influence the jury pool in a city that is so un-American because it lives off the graft of Washington.

Voting _18_U.S._Code_594_Intimidation_of_voters


Asking for a gag order to stop Trump from criticizing Joe Biden directly proves that this guy belongs in prison and should be removed as Special Counsel. He has violated everyone’s civil rights, and a class action suit against him and the Justice Department should be filed instantly. This has NOTHING to do with January 6th but with the 2024 election. In New York, that prosecutor is unworthy of having any license to practice law whatsoever. She has moved to strip Trump of business licenses in New York. He should sell everything and get the hell out of the most corrupt state in the Union.

This NY prosecution was selective prosecution, for anyone who borrows money will always list their assets at the top of valuation. Under her theory, you could shut down virtually every company with loans in New York. She looks the other way regarding the bankers who have disrupted the economy numerous times. When I asked a New York lawyer why bankers are never charged in NYC, I was told, “you don’t shit where you eat!”

Twain Mark If voting made any difference they would not let us do it

stalincountthevoteUnder 18 USC 594, Smith is now guilty. Attempting to interfere is still a violation. He has conspired with others in Washington to interfere in the 2024 election. These people are insane. NOBODY will believe the 2024 election results. This will be the last nail in the coffin of the United States.

There is no possible way these Republic forms of government will survive. Already, Brazil and Argentina looked at what the US is doing to Trump and said that’s a good idea. They are using criminal law to stop political opponents.

2024 will be the catalyst that turns even those on the fence about the integrity of government. This is why they are bringing in digital IDs and will impose travel restrictions based on your political views. Governments have become so corrupt that instead of reform, they will knuckle down and try an authoritarian approach to sustain their power.


2024 ECM Target

It gives me no pleasure to warn that our computer has been projecting chaos post-2024.  All governments start out being benevolent. But because our Founding Fathers failed to impose term limits, we ended up with career politicians who spend their lives there, and thus, they no longer see themselves as part of We the People. Unfortunately, our children and grandchildren will never know how great it was growing up in the 1950s and 1960s. The world they will face is now obsessed with how you think and if you are LEFT v RIGHT.

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