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Roe v Wade & Vaccines – The Court Must Choose Right to Privacy Still Exists

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Roe v Wade Democrats

COMMENT: Marty; I have always voted Democrat and I voted for Biden. But I want to say his vaccine mandate is so inconsistent with everything I can no longer vote Democrat again. I got this in the mail asking for money from the Democrats saying to defend Roe v Wade. I thought the idea was the government should not tell a woman what to do with her body. If Roe v Wade was so important, then how do they support mandatory vaccines? I have lost all trust and faith in government.

Thank you for being logical rather than just a zealot in these confusing times.


REPLY: The Democrats are no longer promoting what is best for this country. I am hearing the same from other Democrats I have known for years. Many are starting to open their eyes. Somehow, we have to get back to the middle. The Democrats are trying to figure out how to get a wealth tax into their $3.5 trillion spending spree. They may get a tax on trading and will probably implement that on everything with perhaps stocks being an exception. Even that seems debatable. This is clearly pushing Schwab-Gates agenda as we head into 2022.

You are right. Roe v Wade was based on an earlier decision Griswald v Connecticut which established the right to privacy. That was a law that married people would not use birth control. How do you enforce such a law? Does a police officer have to inspect you before having sex? It was held that such a law could not be enforced and there was the right to privacy. Therefore, Roe v Wade was rooted in that principle aside from if you agree or disagree with the subject of abortion. It is indeed inconsistent as a matter of law that you can mandate vaccines but uphold Roe v Wade and the right to privacy.

Honestly, this is becoming so messed up it is hard to keep track of all the twists and turns. Logic has completely vanished today. I would argue in court that if vaccines can be mandated, then there can be no right to privacy. I am not sure even how a judge is supposed to arrive at a logical opinion. I would certainly raise Roe v Wade to challenge these vaccines and let the Democrats choose.