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Qantas Airlines – Get the Jab or You’re Fired

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There really is something seriously wrong with all of these companies complying with politicians who are insane or have been bribed. Sweden and Norway downgraded COVID to just the flu, as it lacks any kill ratio that has even risen above 0.5%. Even the CDC is admitting that nearly 20,000 have died from the vaccines. Firing people for not getting the vaccine is clearly political. Nurses and doctors worked with COVID patients for a year without vaccines, but now they are fired unless they get a vaccine, even if they previously had COVID and recovered. Once you get the measles, you do not get it twice.



If abortion is a right because of body privacy, how can there be no right to body privacy with these vaccines? This is a coronavirus that co-exists in animals, so there is no possible way to eliminate COVID. That was the propaganda that Bill Gates put out there, and he just so happens to make money from every jab.



Then Gates did not want to give the formula to other countries so he demanded that the US and Europe pay his full price and give the vaccines to the poor countries. That is NOT a philanthropist — it’s a greedy inside trader. I suppose in today’s WOKE since you can be male but identify as female, Gates can be a greedy robber baron but identify as a philanthropist.

There should be a class-action lawsuit against the vaccine companies, Gates, and the World Economic Forum for loss of jobs, alleged lobbying, and political donations to sell this agenda. You can’t sue them for even death from their vaccines, but you can sue them for fraud and bribing politicians.

If this were at least at the Spanish flu level with a 3% death rate or higher, then perhaps this would be more valid. But to permanently fire people for refusing to take the Gates vaccine makes no sense when he changes his sales pitch as often as Fauci.

This is not smallpox that can be eradicated because it only infects humans. We cannot cure the common cold, and we cannot create a vaccine to prevent it. Likewise, even being vaccinated neither prevents infection nor prevents spreading the infection to others. All the refusing to be vaccinated would do is subject that individual to their alleged greater risk, but it would not prevent spreading the disease. So there is no point in firings. Vaccinated people can still spread COVID. This is one giant fraud. Qantas should be sued to explain even why a vaccine would change the risk for anyone.