Political Prosecution – The Tool of the Deep State

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COMMENT: Millie Weaver was arrested right after she released the trailer for this movie. Trailer Sh@dowgate Millie Weaver,

Here is the original video on Infowars which has gone viral (Shadowgate Documentary) and of course the new anti-Free Speech organizations Facebook And YouTube removed the video as expected.

Love your work and admire your courage! You are 100% right about eastern Europeans are the canaries of today’s “coalmines” I am Hungarian living in Canada 37 years!



REPLY: We do not know why she was really arrested for sure just exaggerated claims. It was perhaps for this video. Facebook and YuoTube pulled it because it was not favorable to the Democrats. They are probably trying to discredit her given they cannot dispute her video. They always try to discredit their target so that they can say why to believe someone who is obviously guilty so whatever she has done should not be trusted. That is the standard routine.

Nevertheless, they will typically craft charges on whatever they can and the truth NEVER comes into play. When Coxley led his March on Washington of the unemployed in 1894, they arrested him for walking on the grass. They immediately proclaim this had nothing to do with his protest march. It is always using the law to attack politically undesirables. What she has produced in her video is most likely the target in this case and you can bet that the prosecutor who obtained the indictment is a Democrat.


In my own case, we discovered that the Bank was illegally trading in our accounts just as we saw in M.F.Global how they were taking client funds for their own trading. They seized my company which was not in default with any clients. We threatened to sue the bank on August 30th, 1999 which would have stopped the takeover giving the bank 1 week to return missing funds or we would file suit. By that Thursday, the FBI raided our office.


Whatever tapes I had documented that people in the bank admitted they were taking money without my knowledge or consent out of our accounts or entries, that evidence magically all vanished and they claimed all evidence was destroyed in the World Trade Center building 7 which no plane ever hit. The tapes also exposed all the bank manipulations and paying bribes to various foreign government officials to manipulate markets. I found one copy in my mother’s basement after I was released.


My clients supported me and I instructed them to file suit against the bank. The government then put a lifetime gag order on me to prevent me from helping my own clients. You just can’t make up this stuff. The corruption in New York runs very deep right into the Judiciary.


The truth means absolutely nothing. Judge Lawrence McKenna was trying to protect me. The government went to the Chief Judge to have him removed. The court sealed the docket sheet so I could never find out how they removed the judge and sent my case to one who would do whatever the government told him to do.


You cannot imagine how corrupt the Federal Court System truly is. There is simply no way to even fix it. No banker has EVER been charged in New York no matter what they have done. Anyone else if they had done what M.F.Global had done would be in prison for life. This is a statue of how bad justice truly has become. When I was doing the tour for the movie the Forecaster, someone from the audience in Germany said this is typical of the United States. Two German lawyers jumped in and said this takes place in Germany all the time!



Whenever the government is in charge of prosecuting people, there is a risk of corruption and political prosecutions. When Socrates was put on trial in Athens, it was because he offended the gods. That was the only state crime. If someone murdered another, the duty to prosecute was that of the family – not the state. It was the Magna Carta which ended up creating a tyranny. The king lost revenue and fines were to be determined by a jury. This is when he changed the system. Suddenly a murder “disturbed” his peace of the king and he began to prosecute private crimes to raise revenue. By the time of the American Revolution, there were over 200 felonies which all carried DEATH. Why? If he could kill you, he would take all your assets and throw your family out on the streets. He would then engage in torture to force people to confess.


This is when John Lilburn stood up and protested that people should not be tortured to confess to crimes they did not commit. This became our 5th Amendment in the American Constitution – the right to remain silent. That right has been so watered down it has become a joke. They claim quickly you waive your right meaning you are constructively amending the Constitution and giving the government the right to torture you. What you argue the government should provide some benefit, the Supreme Court quickly rules the constitution is NEGATIVE because it is simply a restraint upon the government – not a positive right of any individual (see Harris).

Welcome to the real world. They will prosecute people on fake evidence, craft stories, and it is rare to find a judge who would actually defend you or the constitution. Unfortunately, we do not know the validity of any charges in the case of Millie. Because of her work, she is always going to be a target. Given how toxic this election is and how Bernie Sanders is saying day one under Biden all his proposals will be put in place, they are out for blood against anyone who stands up against them. In all socialist revolutions, they will typically gather those journalists who stand up and quietly they escort them to their grave. There is no way Millie will receive a fair trial – that much you can bank on.