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Our Legal System is Pro-Tyranny

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Hague International Court

In the Netherlands, a court in The Hague has told the Dutch government that an overnight curfew to reduce the spread of coronavirus should be lifted, ruling that it breaches the right to free movement. There are other courts striking down what many governments have done to the people, society, and the economy. In the Netherlands, the government wants to appeal that decision and maintain the curfew. Nevertheless, Prime Minister Mark Rutte has already asked the people to stay indoors, court ruling or not.

One of the reasons why I DID NOT want to become a lawyer stems from an incident when I was in high school. There was a place called the Sub Shop where the students would go for lunch and after school. It was maybe 100 years from the school. The guy who owned the shop next door never liked the kids. He ran for mayor, won, and then had a policeman stand there and hand out parking tickets or whatever he could to harass us. I went to check the law using my father’s law books. Low and behold, it required the town to place parking signs so many feet apart and so many feet up from the crown of the road. They did not comply. So I told everyone to sit on the hoods of their cars, we would take the tickets, I had this.

When we all went to court, I asked the judge if I could speak for everyone since we all had the same parking ticket. I read the law and the judge was not happy, but he had to dismiss all the tickets. Next, they tried with a stop sign. The same problem it was at best 3 feet from the crown of the road instead of being up high that you could see it even if a car was parked there. Again we all took the tickets and again I asked to speak for everyone. Once more the Judge had to dismiss all the tickets, but he then admonished me and said he thought I was practicing law without a license. I responded I was not charging anyone. He came back and he was calling my father. The town of Maple Shade had to completely redo all the signs. When I got home, the judge had indeed called my father. He said to stop using his law books to defend my friends. From that moment on, my interest in being a lawyer was shattered.

There is no real RULE OF LAW. If there was ever a place for true Artificial Intelligence it is as a judge. The RULE OF LAW should be what it says – the law. But the other disastrous problem we have with the law is total political corruption. The Texas case against the state of Pennsylvania was dismissed by the Supreme Court claiming they lacked standing and there were two dissents. That was the Chief Justice refusing to hear the case claiming they had no “standing” and therein lies the crisis. Politicians can actually pass a law that says you MUST kill your firstborn sacrifice them on the first day of the New Year to reduce the population.

Nobody has the standing to go to court to argue this is unconstitutional. The ONLY time you will have any right to make that argument is when the government seeks to enforce that law. Since I do not have a firstborn because he already died, I could never go to court to challenge that law because I am NOT being harmed.

Therein lies our problem. We live under no Rule of Law for it promotes TYRANNY. Governments can do as they like but we have to be harmed FIRST. Then it will take often years to get to court and then the court can rule in our favor as The Hague just did. That means the government can be ruthless, draconian, and outright tyrannical as they have been with this COVID. Now merge this with the problem we live in a Republic – not a Democracy. People can vote for Trudeau in Canada or Johnson in the UK only in the local community and then the party elects them to be the head of state. They then strip us of all rights, destroy the economy, and impose this Great Reset which was never presented to the people for a vote. Worse still, they keep extending their measures because they know if they told the people the truth that COVID was usurped to further climate change and the Great Reset, the people would never have voted for it once they realized how many will lose their jobs.

They get to do whatever they want. (1) there is no standing unless were are one of the ones injured, (2) it can take years to get to court to ever apply the law that is the foundation of a free society.

1 Constitutional Court


We live under the yoke of tyranny. There is no hope for the future until we completely overturn the system. There should be a Constitutional Court where whatever law these politicians pass must be ruled on by the court BEFORE creating any harm.

Country Risk

People have often asked me why I have studied law and the various legal system globally such a Britain emerged from Common Law whereas France emerged from Canon Law. In having to not only being an international hedge fund manager but also having to advise international corporations and governments, one of the most critical inputs is country risk. We must first come to grips with the politics for there everything is set in motion. You obviously would not want to have investments in a country that is left for they will be prone to simply NATIONALIZE all your investments and you lose 100% which has taken place countless times during Communist Revolutions to religious revolutions as in Iran. The politics and the Rule of Law are absolutely critical for that is the FIRST step in the decision process as to where to invest. This is why China has been moving diligently in this direction of stability for unless they do so, China would never rise from the ashes of Communism.