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NY & the End of the American Way of Life

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Pledge Of Allegiance1899

Once upon a time, in the United States, we, the people, began our classroom day with the Pledge of Allegiance:

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible,

with liberty and justice for all,”

Those days are gone, and we can no longer depend on the Courts and the legal systems for Truth, Fairness, and Justice for all, which we were told was the American Way of Life! How many millions went off to war and died to defend that principle they have torn to shreds in New York City? The American Way of Life is dead. The Democrats have allowed our nation to be flooded with people who do not share our culture, our philosophies, or our history solely to ensure they win at all costs.

There is no longer any difference we have with Russia and China and how they treat the people. The United States now has more people in prison than China, which has 1.5 billion people compared to our 300 million. We still have more people in prison than they do. Are Americans just the most corrupt people in the world? Or is it that our government is becoming the most corrupt in the world? You have a 500% greater chance of going to prison in America because there is no more liberty and justice for all.

The Courts have turned into Totalitarian Dictatorships devoid of any accountability, and the proof of that is the mere conviction rate proving that we are the enemy of those in power. Data published by the Pew Research Center in 2019 highlighted how federal prosecutors have a 99.6% conviction rate. To put those numbers in perspective, U.S. Attorneys filed 79,704 cases in 2018. Of those, only 320 resulted in acquittals. As Pew Research wrote: “Nearly 80,000 people were defendants in federal criminal cases in fiscal 2018, but just 2% of them went to trial. “ Any criminal lawyer in New York will tell you to plead guilty and take a deal because you CANNOT win in New York, and when you lose in trial, you will get 3 times as much time in prison. You and your family are routinely threatened to force you to plead to crimes you never committed so prosecutor can further their personal careers.

Rakoff Judge

Judge Rakoff Why Immocent Plead GuiltyThe system is so bad that Judge Rakoof was thoroughly disgusted and wrote a book on his experience on the bench in New York City. The title is “Why the innocent plead guilty and the guilty of free.” I cannot express strongly enough that you have virtually no chance of a fair trial EVER in the United States. Julian Assange will never survive the false imprisonment the USA will impose to ensure he will die before ever seeing daylight.

And if they cannot put you on trial, they will kill you and swear it was suicide. Investigations are always cover-ups like Epstein. Nothing but nothing someone is charged with should EVER be taken as truth. Even Madoff quickly pled guilty to save his family, yet his son still committed suicide. There, too, the banks claimed they had no idea. That was a lie and ABSOLUTELY impossible. He was asked if the banks knew before he died – he said yes!

The legal system is so corrupt that even the court-appointed lawyers are only there to ensure you take a plea. Afterall, they have a virtual perfect track record of 99.6% losses. How can you beat that? The wins are typically the people they have killed in prison and call suicide, like Epstein. Look closely, and they always just happen to be the cases that would expose the government. Julian Assange will most likely be their next victim. Judge Rakoff bucked the system, and they did not like him for that.

FCI Letter 2007

I was interviewed by a journalist when they saw the bank was illegally trading in my accounts, like MF Global. They asked me if they were laundering money for the Russian Mafia “AS THEY WERE DOING IN MADOFF!” I said I had no idea. I only saw all the bogus trades that were then backed out as errors when I assumed they were parking things in my accounts. Yet, of course, if the “error” came from one account and was taken out to another, then it was money laundering. The newspaper would not allow her to publish it. The forensic accountant told the court they never saw so many “canceled trades,” but the court also covered that up. I believe I refused to invest $10 billion in their Russia scheme, so they were using my accounts for money laundering involving the oligarchs and the attempt to seize Russia.

The Elections are rigged, the Courts are corrupt, and the government is rapidly becoming the enemy of the people. All of these male illegal immigrants of military age will be compelled to sign up for the military to get citizenship and be sent off to fight in World War III.

Engoron Hocjul Letitia James

Trump’s civil fraud trial in New York will expose how corrupt this prosecution has been and the entire legal system. It’s an international disgrace. In a 92-page decision, this morally void Judge Arthur Engoron ordered Trump to pay a massive $355 million fine, plus more than $98 million in prejudgment interest no less. Engoron’s extraordinary ruling strategically prohibited Trump from serving as an officer or director of any business in the state for three years, giving the judge the power to appoint a prosecutor to run his company and destroy it in no time. Even George Washington University Law School professor Jonathan Turley took issue with this, saying that “[e]ven the New York Times agreed that it could not find a single case in history where this statute was used against an individual or a company that did not commit a criminal offense, go bankrupt, or leave financial victims.

Engoron found Trump was liable for overstating the values of his assets on bank loan applications. That is a common negotiating practice, like haggling in a biazare in Iran. It’s expected and an insult if you do not. Considering that New York City is the world’s financial capital, the city’s bankers walk on water and are among the most sophisticated on the planet. Developers always inflate property valuations, and banks have their own appraisers who simply adjust them down. According to Turley, during the trial, “witnesses [loan officers] testified that they wanted to do more business with Trump, who was described as a ‘whale’ client with high yield business opportunities.”

It is the same when trading. The banks try to guess if you will buy or sell and will move the quotes in the direction they anticipate you will trade. It is always a negotiation. That is how high-stakes finance deals are done.

The reason I recommend that Trump file for bankruptcy IMMEDIATELY in Florida is because NY law is also rigged, and this is why the Judge did what he did. Under New York law, Trump is not allowed to even appeal his ruling without depositing the full amount in a court account, and he has only 30 days to raise that money, which is CASH! If he cannot, they may accept a bond, but then they will determine what his property is worth, which will always be well below market value. The Courts are far more corrupt than the people they pretend to judge.

The court is itching to seize his property and sell it for pennies on the dollar to their best friends, who are already licking their lips and rubbing their hands at the thought of buying Trump Tower for pennies on the dollar. Judge Engoron has just denied former Trump’s request for a 30-day stay of judgment after defense attorneys protested the attorney general’s “rush” for enforcement.


Now, they want to prevent Trump from leaving NYC so they can imprison him to stop the election. New York City is out of control. They are so full of themselves, and judges think that they are gods, and once they make a decree, everyone bows down and says – yes, my lord and master.

If Congress does not intervene – we are screwed as a nation.

New York State Attorney General Letitia James is an elected Democrat. She made it clear from the outset that her goal was to destroy Trump. She actually said:

“This illegitimate president [Trump] — I look forward to going into the office of the attorney general every day, suing him, and then going home.”

This has been a biased prosecution with the sole intent of prosecuting Trump to interfere in the 2024 election – plain and simple. Because BViden controls the Justice Department, they will never prosecute anyone for doing this.

She has turned this law upside down. It was intended to protect consumers. In fact, no one was defrauded. All of the loans were fully repaid. Still, this judge and prosecutor conspired to violate everyone’s right to vote in the 2024 election. Any business can now be torn apart using this. They claim that you overvalued your assets on a loan the bank never used in its decision anyway.

I have not heard from one institutional client inside or outside the United States who thought this was reasonable. The overwhelming view is that this was a deliberate political hit job, just the latest blow in the Democrats’ relentless campaign against Trump to ensure their insane agenda continues, and the Republicans on Capitol Hill are not defending the Constitution or the people.

This judgment sent a shock wave around the world, and the rigged system that allows them to seize Trump’s assets in 30 days is a warning you better get the HELL OUT OF NYC ASAP! This was the last straw. Get out of all stocks with a New York address and sell NY state and city bonds ASAP. This judgment is so outrageous, and they intend to confiscate Trump’s properties NOW just to destroy him completely to interfere in the 2024 election.

Governor Hochul was so stupid during an interview on a radio talk show with John Catsimatidis on “The Cats Roundtable” on WABC 770 AM that she tried to reassure business owners that it’s safe to do business in the state. Her remarks made the case that this was political and that Trump was targeted because he was the Republican candidate. She said :

“I think that this is really an extraordinary, unusual circumstance that the law-abiding and rule-following New Yorkers who are business people have nothing to worry about because they’re very different than Donald Trump and his behavior.”

Hochul admits that this was political, or every New York developer who has ever overstated the value of a property on a loan application is now at risk of being bankrupted and all their assets seized by making the fine so large it cannot be paid in 30 days.

The Democrats have weaponized the legal system everywhere against Trump, and their idiot base is cheering for the demise of the nation. The New York Post said it best:

“Democratic elites will chuckle into their martinis this weekend at the verdict, but your victory is pyrrhic. You’ve made Donald Trump a political martyr.”

Veteran Cemetary

My family has fought in every war since the American Revolution. Everything they fought for has been torn to shreds. I am surprised that anyone would now fight and die for a country that no longer respects the rule of law, the Constitution, or civilization. The clock is ticking. It will be time to turn out the lights by 2032.


2024 Presidential Election by Popular Vote

I can now see why the computer is projecting a landslide for Trump. The Democrats have gone way too far. They are no longer supporters of the American Way of Life, and the computer projections for 2028 look even worse.

The Democrats are Destroying our Country, our Society, and the World.

2028 Presidential forecast