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NY Supreme Court Lowers Trump’s Bond to $175m

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COMMENT: Marty, you are one hell of a strategic lawyer. The NY Supreme Court either reads you or realizes that this AG will bankrupt the city if she starts seizing property and Trump wins in the appellate courts. It’s just brilliant. Let them sell his properties that will collapse in price and then sue for the original value.

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ANSWER: The New York State Supreme Court is probably getting negative feedback from the major banks and companies in NYC. I can confirm that people are exiting NYC because of this case. I would have preferred that they seized the property, sold it for $1, and then I would own NYC for a song. It was the perfect hedge. They would become liable for the maximum value so that it would have been selling at the top, and the government would have been the buyer.

As they say, you must be VERY careful about what you wish for.

They were trying to consume all of his cash to drain his ability to run in the 2024 election