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NY Case is Destroying Our Legal System

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This case against Trump in NYC is an absolute joke. This judge himself is committing a felony by interfering in the 2024 election and is violating the civil rights of everyone in the country. This is so outrageous; no lawyer I know who is even a Democrat agrees with this case, or the Judge imposing gag orders only on Trump and not the witnesses against him is a violation of the very idea of a gag order to protect the jury. Then demanding Trump must be there in NYC every day violates everyone’s civil rights for an absurd trial.

Merchan Judge Juan

Trump cannot testify in this case, for the judge is not trustworthy in the slightest. He would twist words and try to hold Trump for perjury to defend himself. Nobody should have any accounts in NYC. There is absolutely no rule of law left, and the courts there will ALWAYS project the bankers. When I asked a NY lawyer why no bankers are ever charged for blowing up the economy consistently, he said: “You don’t shit where you eat!” I am warning clients to sell all real estate investments in NYC. Get out before it is too late!

Liberty Crying

Where is the Judicial Watch NOW or the ACLU? Nobody should donate to either when they remain silent on the worst case for our country in history that shows the entire world this is no longer the land of the free with equal justice for all. Why have they not defended America and brought action against this prosecutor and judge, who are not immune from federal crimes! This is so outrageous. For now, it will be open season against Democrats when Republicans come up to bat. You are witnessing the end of the USA as a nation of law.

Voting _18_U.S._Code_594_Intimidation_of_voters

Civil Rights 42 USC 1983