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Maine & its Anti-First Amendment Effort to Destroy the Constitution

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1st Circuit

The US District Court Judge Jon Levy denied a motion for a preliminary injunction that argued the mandated vaccines violated the 1964 Civil Rights Act because it does not include a religious exemption. The mandate does include a medical exemption for those who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons. After the whistleblower from Pfizer has revealed that aborted fetus tissue has been used in creating the vaccine, it is really shocking to see how judges are simply ruling in favor of the government. When the rule of law collapses, then the only recourse historically is violence. There can be no civilization with dictatorships.

The Court of Appeals refused to grant an injunction which on the surface is also refusing to honor the First Amendment religious freedom guarantee. I have not read their brief, but it appears that this argument is not good enough. I still believe that the ONLY way to defeat this tyranny is to tie it to the right to privacy and abortion. I would then subpoena Pfizer to deliver all information connected to their use for tissues that are bought from abortions. They are not going to want that info out.

Then subpoena all the records from the FDA, CDC, as well as Fauci to reveal all “donations” from Pfizer and Moderna. Also, subpoena ALL lobby efforts of both to see which politicians they now own.

Tie this to the right to privacy, for if a woman has the right to determine what to do with her body, we should also have the right to decide what to put in our bodies.