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INJUSTICE For All – the real creed children should be saying in any pledge of Allegiance

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INJUSTICEThousands of legal immigrants are facing a critical decision after their “Temporary Protected Status” ends. Those who have had children who have been born in America and grew up here speaking English and are legal U.S. citizens are facing the unreasonable prospect of being forced to return to a country because their parents would be kicked out. When you have created “Temporary Protected Status” that allowed people to migrate to the United States LEGALLY and they have been here for years raising children even for a decade, it is inhuman to throw these people out breaking up families. God and family MUST come before governments and when you pass laws that are black and white, you end up with injustice.

There was such a parent who had a photo business in the World Trade Center. A loan agent had sold him on the idea of borrowing money to buy a development machine so he would not have to send out rolls of film to be processed by someone else. He filled out the bank form and assumed the man was an American citizen. He had an American wife and 5 American children. He had been brought to America by his parents when he was 3 years old. He himself grew up as an America. When 911 came and everything was destroyed, the Bank did their check to see if they could get out of any claims and saw that he never went down to swear in as an American and turn him over to the DOJ for bank fraud. He went to trial and the court-appointed lawyers have a virtual perfect track record – 99% losers. Now he was convicted of bank fraud and sentenced to 5 years in prison. That was not the end of the injustice, for then a convicted felon, he was automatically deported. His wife and children lost their home as the bank escaped all liability and creditors took everything.

I personally wrote letters on his behalf to Chuck Schumer, the caring Democrat in New York, who never responded. I also wrote to Cardinal Egan, who headed the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York from 2000 to 2009. He too never responded. His family was living on charity crammed in the basement of a family friend’s home. The injustice of laws goes beyond description. Historically, there were two courts – the King’s Bench which administered the law, and the Queen’s Bench (Chancery) which administered Equity. If the application of the law was unjust in a particular circumstance, you could apply to the Queen’s Bench for relief.

Swearing In on BibleWhen the American legal system was created, the TREMENDOUS mistake that the Founding Father made was to place the powers of Equity and LAW in the hands on the same court. This is a MAJOR structural flaw in our legal system. People often ask me why I would not consider running for President.  My response is always the same. They would assassinate me before my hand ever touched the book.

They know what I would do to the Deep State. It might even take an Aurelian move and send in the troops to Washington. I would pardon everyone who was only charged with conspiracy and not attempting or actually committing an act. I would dismiss all federal judges and court-appointed lawyers who have never won a single case. They have no shame! I would turn to the legal profession to select the judges and their terms would be only for 2 years.

I would remove ALL immunities for prosecutors, judges, and politicians and ALL laws passed MUST apply to EVERYONE in government – no exceptions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! None of this passing Obamacare and then politicians are exempt.

If I was married and someone wanted to bribe me to tout some stock if they paid my wife instead of me that is still a crime. However, if I am a politician and they hand money to a family member or my charity, foundation, or institute, that is somehow not a crime to achieve the same influence. This is all that has to be done on the first day in office. The bullet would come surely by the next day if I made it passed the swearing-in process and taxpayers would not have to worry about me collecting a pension.