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Impeaching Trump to Shut Down the Government

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The object of impeachment against Trump is to ensure that nothing gets done between now and 2021. How do you measure the true cost of impeaching the president? It is certainly not the dollars and cents involved in holding hearings, printing transcripts, or paying Congressional staffer salaries. The true cost is the politicians who were elected to do something, but do absolutely NOTHING. Politics seem to have degenerated to merely obstructing the opposition as we have witnessed in Brexit. They have rejected the democratic process and are undermining the very fundamental principle that makes civilization function.

The true cost of impeachment is all the legislation that will never get passed because Congress and the White House are focused on the impeachment process. That seems to be the goal of the Democrats. It is even questionable if Joe Biden will be the Democratic candidate.

The Southern District of New York is extremely anti-Trump. They are going after his tax returns and trying to indict Giuliani. This is the problem with the criminal process. There should be some independent board that a prosecutor goes to in order to seek an indictment. As it stands right now, they are free to do as they please individually with no accountability when they are wrong or abuse the process.