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If Someone is Charged with a Ponzi Scheme – It is Always a Cover-Up

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Ponzi Scheme Defined

We always hear that some high-profile case is always a giant Ponzi Scheme. As soon as you hear that, you know the charges are FAKE NEWS! Why, because the actual legal definition of a Ponzi Scheme means that there was “no legitimate business” and the entire thing was a fraud. By calling it a Ponzi scheme, they do NOT have to prove each and every fraud. They then try to claim that everything was a fraud because they cannot prove individual transactions and that immediately cuts off any other investigation. That is why they are calling FTX a Ponzi Scheme to prevent any investigation that would uncover money laundering.

By alleging it was a Ponzi Scheme that was taking people’s money and claiming to have invested in postal return slips that never took place, they are really saying there was NEVER any business. Not a single high-profile case was ever a Ponzi scheme from Madoff to Enron. In each case, there was a legitimate business but there was a loss for various reasons. In the case of Madoff, I believe the banks were indeed engaged in money laundering and he pled to protect his family. They always call these things a Ponzi Scheme so they do not have to prove each transaction or in NYC, they use that to cover up the involvement of the banks.

The court-appointed lawyers are a JOKE. They will never defend you. They put on a show and that is it. How else can the government win 99% of the time – beating even the notorious court of Adolf Hitler with its 90% conviction rate. In my case, they had to drop the Ponzi Scheme and every other theory because I knew the law and defended myself. Every theory they would use, I attacked. They just get to constantly change the theory and the press never pays attention. If I relied on the court-appointed lawyers, none of my clients would have been paid and the banks would have kept all the money they stole. Unless you know the law, you do not stand a chance. On the record, I even called them out for constantly changing their theory.

Ponzi Scheme 4 2007

In the end, they wrote the script and simply reduced it all to I failed to tell my clients that the bank stole the money for its own benefit. Hence, they had to even drop any restitution for I would get to haul in every banker and expose what really went on. So that was it. A dog and pony show. Then the government controls the press and social media to cover up their illegal conduct all the time.

MA Plea

TR No Restitution