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ICC Trying to Justify Charging Putin

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ICC International Criminal Court

Sources at the ICC have revealed a shocking account that all the lawyers there are trying to just talk trash to justify charging Putin with war crimes. First of all, they have no jurisdiction over ANY head of state. In addition, Neither the United States nor Russia signed the agreement that would allow any of their citizens to be charged in that court.

Worst still, these absolute morons are GUARANTEEING World War III cannot possibly be avoided. When you start accusing your adversary like this, you have guaranteed there will now NEVER be any peace negotiations. So just get ready. Our computer, unfortunately, has never been wrong. I have tried my best to speak out against this war and all the propaganda that fills the air. We just have to resolve that those in power want war as a diversion from the meltdown in government bonds. They think this war would be conventional and so what if a billion people die – there are too many of us anyway from their perspective.

Some say we deserve it for voting in people like Biden, Trudeau, and all the other incompetent world leaders. Maybe they are right. Even Macron of France called Biden’s Armageddon Speech insane. The ICC has lost all credibility as they try to pretend to be tuff.