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How to Stop Schools from Mandating Vaccines

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QUESTION: Greetings Martin

I hope all is well with you and your family.

I wanted to get your opinion/advice on forced vaccines for children

It appears the law is pretty clear cut with “experimental vaccines” cannot be forced by either private or public agencies.

That being said it also appears that govt will step back and let private businesses and both public and private universities mandate a vaccine to enter.

Who or what would be the best way to try and set precedent to not allow this to occur. Your gov has already come out and stated “no mandated vaccine” and yet Nova southeastern University in Florida had mandated It.

Here in New York, we have an even greater “lift”. As I have concern for my children.

Thank you



ANSWER: The way to approach this is actually simple. It is true that Congress has granted total immunity to the drug companies so they really could care less if the impact of these drugs in altering your DNA is actually passed on to future children with unknown consequences.

We need a lawyer to file a suit against any school that has mandated vaccines where a student has had an adverse reaction, and since these vaccines are experimental and have NOT been given actual approval by the FDA, then we need a case to present to go after any school who would NOT have immunity and bring a suit for the damages involved. Moreover, you can bring a suit and compel them to PROVE that the future risks to humanity do not exist. This is the ONLY way to attack this problem. Someone has to do this ASAP. I would be glad to help any lawyer willing to take this on.