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Houston Police Chief going Rogue

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Houston Police Chief

In Houston, Texas, despite the governor removing the mask ban, the rogue Police Chief Art Acevedo says he will still arrest people for not wearing a mask. This guy is taking the law into his own hands, and clearly should be stripped of all power. He claims that “Our officers are well-versed on the laws, there’s something called ‘criminal trespass’ here in the state of Texas, and if a business asks an individual to wear the mask and they refuse to leave, they can be arrested for criminal trespass.” He is obviously a Democrat, for he then elevated Fauci above the Governor saying that Fauci said that he believed people would need to continue wearing face masks into 2022. Hello, even the Washington Post said masks were “useless” and that was all the studies. Perhaps he should go to Washington and sign up as a National Guard to protect Fauci.