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Hate Speech Imprisonment Coming to a Theater Near You

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The Irish government wants to pass a law that could see you or your loved ones jailed for the mere possession of memes, cartoons, or any content that could be deemed “hateful” unless you are a Neocon promoting hate speech to incite war with Russia. The Bill includes no definition of hate and is wide open to abuse by bad actors. This is a blueprint for hate speech laws the West wants to impose on everyone. You are only allowed to hate people they justify. They call Trump a liar, a dictator, a traitor, a Putin Puppet – none of this is hate speech as long as the government says it.  The guys who created memes on Hillary were sent to prison for 7 months, calling it election interference. All the things they hurl at Trump in elections are not interference or hate speech – it’s amazing how many dimensions we have to law.