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Donald Trump Will Be Convicted

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Trump Indicted


Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that the Democrats would have stooped to such a low position as they have by indicting Trump. This is so in-your-face political and I can GUARANTEE that Trump will be convicted and the facts will NEVER matter. New York is the MOST corrupt legal system in perhaps the entire world. While the charges are a joke, the Judge is as corrupt as they come. He scheduled the next hearing for December 4th in clear violation of the Constitutional Right to a Speedy Trial. They will be roughly two months before the official start of the 2024 Republican presidential primary calendar.

It is now clear that the Judge intends to disrupt the 2024 election by constantly hauling Trump back to court to tie him up for the election. If he doesn’t show, then he will throw him in jail for contempt. This is a deliberate interference into the 2024 election that our computer had forecast would be the most corrupt in American history if it even takes place – it’s going to be that bad.

Judge Richard Owen

                                                                                                                                                  Judge Richard Owen

In my own case, at first, I thought I was perhaps under stress and forgot things in court. I would read the transcript and I did not remember various things taking place. It all came to a head when they tried to throw me in prison on contempt the FIRST time to stop my Speed Trial Act motion claiming I went to my office where they had guards posted. I got past the guards and grabbed all the incriminating evidence, the guards chased me through a parking lot while I was carrying all these boxes, loaded them into my car in the middle of the chase, and got away.

My lawyer, Richard Altman, was a friend. He called and said we had a contempt hearing tomorrow and told me these allegations and asked if I was crazy. I told him I was in New York, and never went to the office. I told him to call the security company for to get in I would have had to use my security card twice. If it had been any other lawyer, they would never have believed me. Richard knew me. Any other lawyer would have assumed I was a liar since the government is always right. I told him to call the security company. Richard called me back within 30 minutes and said do not worry, they confirmed nobody entered the building the night before.

1999 10 14 1st Contempt

We went to the contempt hearing and as the judge was still walking out, the government started claiming there was a mistake, someone moved boxes from one room to the next but nothing was taken. How that got to guards chasing me through parking lots and me outrunning them carrying all these boxes, somehow vanished. They spent 20 to 30 minutes backtracking on their allegations. They had been illegally tapping even my lawyer’s phones. So they knew we could prove their allegations were all false.

That is when I got the transcript and 99% of all their explanation was removed. I asked the lawyer what was going on. He said welcome to New York. The judges can commit felonies by altering the court records and nobody will prosecute them. Even the Court of Appeals admitted that this was taking place and claimed they lacked the power to tell judges to obey the law. I complained to Dorothy Heyl, the attorney for the SEC. I asked why don’t they just make a fake transcript and claim I confessed to whatever they want and throw in the Kennedy Assassination while they are at it.

Owen Changing Transcripts

They illegally took my lawyers away and then they rig the game with court-appointed lawyers who lose every case to keep the government’s 99% conviction rate. The only “innocent” people are those who die before trial under mysterious circumstances who they always claim committed suicide or, as in my case, they arrange to have me killed by another inmate. NEVER trust ANY court-appointed lawyer. I have NEVER met one who EVER defends a person. They are never to be trusted.

Knowing the law myself, I would submit my own briefs. I went through all the transcripts and submitted under penalty of perjury all the things the judge removed from the transcripts. When I went to court that day, there were hundreds of people there. When I asked what was going on, the court-appointed lawyers said it’s you. You cannot accuse a judge of committing a felony. I said you all admit this is taking place. They said, yes, but you cannot accuse a judge.

There were so many people there, Judge Owen got scared. He admitted to changing my transcripts which is a felony and refused to recuse himself. The whole place went dead silent. When I tried to appeal. the Second Circuit Court of Appeals which is no better lost my appeal three times and refused to ever docket the case. They then claimed I was out of time to appeal. This is the country they ask people to die for – utter corruption beyond any third-world country.

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals even addressed the issue in UNITED STATES v. ZICHETTELLO, 208 F.3d 72 (2d Cir. 2000) and claimed they lacked the power to order judges to obey the law. Just absolutely amazing.

Ziccettello JUST LAW

5) SDNY Practice

The problem in the instant case has led lawyers on both sides to highlight a problematic practice in the Southern District of New York and has prompted one of them to ask this court to order that the practice be eliminated. See Leiwant Decl. at 2. According to lawyers for both the government and defense, as well as Bologna, the “standard practice” in the Southern District is for a court reporter to submit the transcript of jury instructions to the district court before releasing it to the parties. See id.; Pomerantz Affirm. ¶ 11; Bologna 4/99499 Aff. ¶ 3. The district court is free to alter the transcript, and any changes are incorporated in the “official” transcript without disclosing such changes to the parties. See Bologna 4/99499 Aff. ¶ 3. According to counsel, the Southern District is somewhat unique in this practice. See Leiwant Decl. at 2.

Courts do not have power to alter transcripts in camera and to conceal the alterations from the parties.11  Given the issues that arose in this case as a direct result of this practice, there appears to be little justification for continuing the practice in its present form. To be sure, a procedure that corrects obvious mistakes in transmission is useful, and the parties have little interest in closely monitoring such a procedure so long as the alterations are cosmetic. Monitoring by the parties, however, provides some assurance that only cosmetic changes will be made or, if not, that changes will correctly reflect what transpired in the particular proceeding. Moreover, there is little cost in informing the parties of cosmetic changes or at least of directing court reporters to give parties access to the original transcript when they request it.

Nevertheless, whether we have the power to order a change in such a practice is unclear.12  We review judgments, and our review of the convictions and sentences here may not be an appropriate vehicle for the fine tuning of this practice. However, we invite the judges of the Southern District to consider revision.


This is what Trump will face. New York is the most corrupt court in the United States if not the entire world. The Constitution means NOTHING to these people. This is April, and the Judge ignored the Speedy Trial Constitutional Right and made his next appearance on December 4th, which is clearly to interfere with his running for president. Oh but Putin interfered in the election to defeat Hillary and the whole RussiaGate nonsense. Will a revolutionary government lock up corrupt judges when that comes?



There is NO WAY this prosecution would have taken place WITHOUT the approval of the Democrats and Joe Biden. This is total BS that they did not interfere. What is likely to now unfold is a political civil war. Every Republican Prosecutor should start indicting Pelosi, Hillary, Hunter, and Biden and keep going. Maybe this is what our computer has been forecasting with massive civil unrest.

Civil Unrest 2023

The computer has called all the shots. It projected Trump would win in 2016 and even BRIXT would win when everyone forecast the opposite. We are looking at serious civil unrest. Quite frankly, this trial of Trump may expose how bad the courts really are and I am surprised the minorities have not stormed the courthouses in New York yet as the French did on Bastille Day in 1789. It will probably come in the not-too-distant future.

Just Us

When the world sees firsthand how the American “JUS US” system really works, this will contribute to the collapse of governments in 2032. Indicting Trump will expose just how the Rule of Law means NOTHING in the United States when those in power want your ass.