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DOJ Protects Bidens Refuses to Comply with Rule of Law

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Garland Merrick AG

The Biden Administration has been a major constitutional threat to the very existence of the United States. The Department of Justice (DOJ) informed the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday night that it would not cooperate with subpoenas for two FBI agents involved in the department’s investigation of Hunter Biden because of the committee’s stipulations for their depositions. Never in my entire life have I ever witnessed the total collapse of the rule of law. The DOJ will indict Trump, but not any Democrat. This is the final straw. The entire purpose of the rule of law is the alternative to force. When the Supreme Court ruled that blacks had no rights, the only solution was the Civil War. We are rapidly approaching this critical turning point.

The uproar and violence over the 2016 election never saw anyone ever charged. So why now?