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Democrats Are Dancing in the Streets Over Bankrupting Trump & Family

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2024_03_18 Trump_is_unable_to_make_464_million_bond_in_civil_fraud_case_his_lawyers_tell_

I have warned that our computer has put out a MAJOR long-term SELL SIGNAL on New York City.  You had better get the HELL out of NYC and not do business with ANY company in New York City, for the courts are no longer reliable. The novel action against Trump is that you claimed your house is worth one million dollars for a loan even though the bank independently values it at $800k and lends you $500k. That fraud, and you lose ALL your assets. The NY court arbitrarily calls that FRAUD despite you paying back the loan and the banks even testifying that they did not rely on that number. There is ABSOLUTELY no company that cannot now be utterly destroyed in NYC using this theory. They could even target individuals they do not like and take their homes as well. GET THE HELL OUT OF NYC NOW before there is NO BID. Trump, sell all your assets in NYC. You will NEVER be safe there ever again.

NYC Retail EMployment

To demonstrate that this is NOT my personal opinion, here is a chart of employment in the retail business sector from the Federal Reserve for just NYC. You can see how NYC went nuts with COVID. The collapse was so devastating that it elected all three sets of Major Monthly Bearish Reversal groups of four and the Yearly. This is it. NYC will NEVER return – it is time to turn the lights out.

NYC Retail EMployment Array 3 18 24NYC Retail EMployment Array Y 3 14 24

We can see that the September time period is also showing up in this time series as well as being a Directional Change. Then, it does not look really promising after that. Indeed, the year 2025 is a serious Directional Change, and it appears that New York City will turn down very seriously with the ECM calling for a recession into 2028/2029.

NYC Retail EMployment Y

People have been predicting the stock market is going to crash by 90% because they keep looking back at the charts from the Great Depression. However, the market peaked in September 1929 and fell for 34 months into July 1932. Here, New York peaked in December 2014 and declined for six years into the COVID low, twice the time period of the Great Depression.  Our long-range projections are calling for a 19-year decline into 2032. That is what this model did on Gold in 1980, and nobody believed it. But the low in gold was 19 years later, in 1999.


What they are doing to Trump is so outrageous that it demonstrates that New York City is NOT a place to be trusted ever again. They can find you guilty and impose a fine of $1 trillion. You then can’t appeal unless you have cash or can post a bond. There are no bond companies with that kind of backing to be able to issue a bond for Trump regardless of the fee. So how does that stack up? They just start liquidating everything he has and claim he has no right to appeal anything?  That’s what the Democrats are celebrating dancing wildly in the streets.

Turn out Lights

I am giving everyone a fair warning. There is ABSOLUTELY no rule of law left standing in New York City, and having any kind of account there simply puts that at risk. In international funds management, the FIRST decision in the game is the rule of law and COUNTRY RISK. Are your assets safe?

Country Risk

This is why you cannot invest in Iran. They nationalize all the oil assets with their Islamic Revolution, much as the Communists did in Russia back in 1917. New York City now presents that same risk after these insane judgments imposed on Trump that everyone knows is purely political. They are destroying the very fabric of the United States apart at the seams. The ONLY solution will be a separation of the United States, for in the end, with no rule of law left standing, there can be no commerce and no civilization.

New York – Georgis – California

Are no longer Safe Places for Capital Investment

It’s Over!

Politics has Supplanted the Rule of Law