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Colorado Supreme Court Violates the Constitution Itself – 4 Justices Should be Criminally Charged Now

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Colorado Supreme Court

I took some time before posting about this decision by the Colorado Supreme Court, which is an all-Democrat-appointed court, because what I had to analyze was from a legal viewpoint and not partisan in any way. What these four Colorado justices, with their names in white, have done is in fact nothing shy of a staged insurrection in itself against the US Constitution and the foundation of American liberty that defines the nation as a free society. All the justices on that bench are Democrats, and the three filed dissents (names in pink) illustrate that this should NEVER have been a case that even reached that court and should have been dismissed from the outset.

Democracy has been killed not just in Colorado but for the nation as a whole. The rule of law is the alternative to force, and when there is no rule of law left standing to settle disputes in a civilized manner, then the only alternative becomes violence. My deep concern is that this total destruction of the rule of law is the final nail in the coffin of every empire, nation, or city-state. To my shock and regret, they have fulfilled Socrates’s forecast.


14th Amendment R


Download the Decision Colorado Supreme Court’s Decision Disqualifying Trump From the Ballot

The Colorado Supreme Court has abandoned the very foundation of the rule of law. To remove Trump from the ballot in Colorado demonstrates that the court itself is a political cesspool of corruption. To further that point, they issued this decision denying Due Process of Law in a criminal matter implied by the 14th Amendment to a trial by jury, violating the Sixth Amendment and the 14th Amendment’s Due Process Clause. They have declared Trump guilty without a trial by a jury. What happened to innocent until proven guilty?


The Colorado Dissents

JUSTICE SAMOUR, in his dissenting opinion, points out that this decision is outrageous. He quoted Chief Justice Chase of the Supreme Court, who laid the very foundation of what the Constitution was supposed to be all about.

Now itis undoubted that those provisionsof the constitution which
deny to the legislaturepower to deprive any personof life, liberty, or
property, without due process of law, orto pass a bill of attainder or
an ex post facto, are inconsistent in their spirit and general purpose
witha provisionwhich, at once without trial, deprives a whole class
of persons of offices for cause, however grave.
InreGriffin, 11F. Cas . 7 , 26 (C.C.D. Va. 1869) (No. 5,815) (” Griffin’s Case” ) .

In his dissenting opinion, CHIEF JUSTICE BOATRIGHT stated that the court exceeded its authority under the statute authorizing a review. He rightly points out that this local statute was not enacted to decide whether a candidate engaged in insurrection. In my view, this cause of action should have been dismissed. I fully agree that this decision violates so many provisions of the Constitution it is a disgrace to the rule of law. If I lived in Colorado, I would move forthwith, for you would have zero rights on anything based on this decision.

Download Decision: Bush v Gore 2000

PER CURIAM decisions are not always unanimous and non-controversial – which this is certainly not. Here we have three judges dissenting, showing their names, while the other three hide in the shadows. The Bush v. Gore, 531 US 98 (2000) decision is one of the most well-known Supreme Court cases with a majority PER CURIAM opinion that also contained additional opinions. There Seven Justices of the Court agreed that there are constitutional problems with the recount ordered by the Florida Supreme Court that demand a remedy. See post, at 134 (SOUTER, J., dissenting); post, at 145-146 (BREYER, J., dissenting). The only disagreement was as to the remedy.

Civilization Rule of Law

This bogus decision is stunning, for it was issued PER CURIAM, meaning it is hiding the four judges’ names from the public, showing that they knew this was a political decision – not the rule of law. The local statute they claimed gave them the right to strip Trump and the American public of the right to a free and fair election violated the foundation of legal interpretation – the assumption that when the legislature passes a statute, it does not intend to violate the Constitution (see also The Constitutional Avoidance Doctrine).

A PER CURIAM decision is a court opinion issued in the name of the Court rather than specific judges. PER CURIAM, decisions are given that label by the court giving the opinion, and these opinions tend to be short. The opinions will typically deal with issues the issuing court views as relatively non-controversial. This is certainly not the case with this decision, and it violates everyone’s right to vote in the United States. Removing Trump from one ballot is election interference and will undermine the entire national election.

Voting _18_U.S._Code_594_Intimidation_of_voters

These four Justices, Gabriel, Hart, Marques, and Hood, are no longer qualified to sit on that bench, and they should be removed immediately, and this is not being Partisan. Under this theory that Trump is not immune because he was acting as a “candidate” and not as president, then these four judges were acting as Democrats and not as a judge, then they too should be stripped of all immunity and criminally prosecuted.  Those judges themselves have committed a felony and should be removed from office immediately! Trump is 51% ahead of all Republicans, and these judges are sentencing the United States to civil war for, as our computer has forecast – NOBODY will accept this election regardless of who wins.

insurrection Statute 18 USC 2383

Astonishingly, these four justices would PRESUME Trump is GUILTY without a trial. Not a single person was charged with the crime of insurrection on January 6th.  I cannot express how unconstitutional this decision is, for they will be remembered for justifying civil war, just as the Dred Scott Decision held that blacks had no rights under the Constitution to avoid having to apply fundamental constitutional rights to slaves. The Colorado Republican Party has just announced its decision to withdraw as a party and transition to a pure caucus system, allowing them to independently select their nominee in light of this amazingly partisan ruling that defies everything that was to define America and the land of the free.

Trump is entitled to a trial by jury, and he MUST be found guilty FIRST of insurrection under 18 USC 2383, and then, AND ONLY THEN, would the 14th Amendment apply. Anyone pushing this argument is violating the constitutional rights of everyone in this country. Even the lawyers involved should be stripped of their licenses to practice law and put on trial under 18 USC 594. The mere fact that the Department of Justice does NOT criminally charge anyone pushing this argument demonstrates that the Democrats and the Biden administration sanction this.

Rising Tide of Civil Unrest

Here in Florida, the Democratic Party has come under fire from some of Biden’s Democratic challengers who say they were unfairly shut out of getting on the March 19 presidential preference primary ballot. The Democrats wanted to remove any Democratic challenger from the ticket to prevent Biden from losing. This 2024 election is being rigged so desperately that we face serious civil unrest.

2016 PresElection Copy

NEVER in my wildest imagination when I looked at the forecast of Socrates back in 1985 when this cycle began, did I fully appreciate the net results that 2016 would be the first time a possible third party could win, the 2020 election would be rigged, and the 2024 election would either never happen or would never be accepted. Then, in the 2028 election, it warned that there may never even be an election by that time. Putin never interfered with the 2016 election. Our computer had forecast that 3 out of four models projected a Trump victory.

McCain Hillary

Why do these people hate Trump so much? They are desperate to retain power, and Trump dares to fight back. They have moved to keep RFK off the ballot because he, too, is an outsider. Just look at the timeline of what they have done. Hillary created a fake dossier trying to link Trump to Putin, and John McCain, the godfather of neocons, handed it to James Comey. They got caught, and Comey claimed he never took notes when he interrogated Hillary – yet took notes just talking to Trump on the phone.


Pelosi Son in law Jan 6thThey impeached Trump Twice in a desperate effort to discredit him. Then they bussed in FBI staff dressed as Trump supporters to stage the Capital so they could use this 14th Amendment to prevent him from running. Others were ransacking the capital dressed covertly in black. Pelosi’s Son-in-Law was there too, taking his picture shown here – was he an Insurrectionist?

Smither Jack ProsecutorThey then charged Trump in three proceedings, and the Special Prosecutor indicted Trump in Washington, DC, where he could indict a hard-boiled egg, calling it a Republican’s egg all for a case in Florida – absolutely unprecedented and illegal under the venue requirement of the Sixth Amendment. This Special Prosecutor, in jumping to the Supreme Court, has further denied Trump the right to appeal these rulings. If the Supreme Court accepts Smith’s argument that Trump has no immunity, it is time to turn out the lights on the future of the United States. Legally, they should rule 9:0 that Trump is immune. If not, civil war is inevitable.

I can confidently see what our computer is forecasting: there may never even be a 2028 presidential election. The United States will most likely head into a separatist movement by 2027. Like all empires that have gone before us, the United States will be buried in a common grave with all the other governments that turned tyrannical throughout history.

These people are so out of control, tearing apart the very foundation of civilization, that they will resort to assassination when all else fails. They will blame some Mexicans or claim it was suicide as always, and no Democrat would ever investigate. Everything they have done to Trump so they get to rule tyrannically is coming to a head. The United States will no longer represent the land of the free and the home of the brave. Civilization exists ONLY when everyone benefits. Even as Abraham Lincoln said, a house divided cannot stand. The LEFT is trying to take the United States fully into the utopia of Marxism. Over 200 million people died in those revolutions. What will it be this time – more than one billion?

2020 Election Forecast 6 Models

We warned that the 2020 election was going to be tight. While Trump should have won since the margin was greater on the first two models in what was otherwise a dead-heat, that is not the case when we look ahead.

2024 Presidential Election by Popular Vote2028 Presidential forecast

The Biden Administration has so damaged the Democratic Party between Neocons and Climate Change extremists, that there remains the risk that it will splinter for 2028 if there is even an election. All of this hatred against Trump is undermining the confidence in the government to such an extent the United States will no longer be able to remain as a single country.