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Colorado Decision is Flat Outright Illegal

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Colorado Supreme Court

Supremacy Clause

There is such a thing in the Federal Constitution known as the Supremacy Clause. No state statute can overrule the Constitution. These four judges have actually violated their oath of office, and this could easily rise to the level of Treason. I find it curious that the new Civil War film talks about war with the West, including Colorado. They really should separate, for they do not support the very fabric of what the Constitution stood for.

Colorado will vote for Biden no matter what the outcome is. They are so LEFT; they are just Un-American. These Democrats know that their senile puppet and Bidenomics is a total disaster. They have been scheming to draft girls. They want war, and for whatever reason, historically, the Democrats take us into war, and it seems it always requires a Republican to end it.


As one reader wrote in:

Did not President Garfield set a legal precedent when in 1881 he appointed William Hunt former trainer of CSA troops to the position of head of the United States Navy. Even though the 14th Amendment prohibited this. So to me, the precedent had changed the law from then on. So even if they could prove Trump had been a part of the insurrection, it would not stop him from being able to run for President, because of this former precedent of law. What say you Martin? Enjoy your blog .
Sincerely, MK
This attempt to use the 14th Amendment for a non-violent act that did not wage war to overthrow the government during the Civil War is the first time anyone has tried to use this prohibition.  There was no insurrection since not a single person on January 6th was charged under the Insurrection Statute. This is so bogus it is insane. The Supreme Court would have to rule against this abuse of process, and if they did not, like the Dred Scot Decision, it would necessitate civil war. It was passed as a punitive act, and it is highly questionable if it would really be Constitutional as applied.
I think Glen Greenwald properly articulated the problem. The Neocon Victoria Nuland has been in power through EVERY Administration EXCEPT under Trump. Trump was outright against the Neocons. All the nonsense of being arrogant, whatever, the most important factor was he rejected war and that is what they did not like about Trump behind the curtain.


Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924), the 28th U.S. president, served in office from 1913 to 1921 and took us into World War I. It was Franklin D. Roosevelt who took us into World War II. It was Lydon Johnson who took us into Vietnam. It was Obama who tried to get us into Syria. The exception was U.S. President George H.W. Bush, who took us into the First Gulf War and his son into the Second.


At this point, I hope Trump wins. If anything, it will be war in Washington instead of the battlefield, as I doubt the FBI, NSA, or CIA would ever follow anything he says. It will be open treason and the country will become ungovernable. Perhaps this is what we need. Bring down this house of corrupt cards dominating Washington who are always willing to sacrifice our children to line their pockets. If Trump has no immunity, then nobody else, including judges, if they act against the oath of their office to defend the Constitution. Everything is turning upside-down. Even Harvard is losing students who are rejecting their offers because of their antisemitic atmosphere. So much for Harvard Law School.