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CNN v White House

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CNN has filed suit over Trump banning Acosta from the White House claiming they have a First Amendment right. Trump says CNN’s Jim Acosta is ‘bad for the country’ and was ‘very rude’ to a female intern during microphone clash as White House argues in court that ‘no journalist has a First Amendment right to enter’. Actually, it will be very interesting to see how the court rules on this. Under Braswell v US, the Supreme Court held that the 5th Amendment privilege does NOT apply to corporations. There is definitely a mix-match of how the Constitution applies to corporations. On the one hand, they must be afforded Due Process of Law. However, a corporation cannot be represented pro se, it must hire a lawyer. There really is no consistent application of the Constitution when it comes to corporations.

If Acosta has a First Amendment right to enter the White House, then so do I, and everybody else.