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Civil Unrest in Media & The Supreme Court’s Wrongful Decision

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There is civil unrest rising within the major media institutions in Europe and the United States including the New York Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, Washington Post just for example. The younger generation journalists are starting to rebel against management for the fake news. What is repeatedly coming out is demands for news organizations’ core value needs to be the truth. They are objecting to what has been the perception of objectivity. Some journalists have simply not written a word for a week. The civil unrest we see in the streets is not really racist as much as it is against the establishment. This was not helped by the Supreme Court’s decision to deny cert to a case on qualified immunity. This decision may go down with Dread Scot which said blacks had no constitutional rights in an effort to prevent a civil war. This decision trying to support the status quo is equally wrong. There is NOTHING in the Constitution that says a government employee is an exception. The Bill of Rights is by no means a list of POSITIVE rights – it is a NEGATIVE restraint upon government. There is no foundation whatsoever to create any immunity for any government office when the sovereign of the nation is “We the People” not the government.