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Can Trump do what Bloomberg Did & Extend it for three Terms?

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QUESTION: Mr Armstrong,
I am not familiar with the us constitution. For many, trump has been an is the guiding light out of the monumental corruption which is destroying America.
Is there any precedent that a President could be voted to serve a third term without allowing the obvious corruption used by future Presidents?

ANSWER: No. The Constitution was amended to put in a term limit on the President because of Franklin D. Roosevelt. That same two-term limit was adopted for New York and that is what Bloomberg had overruled so he could continue like Putin.

To Amend the federal Constitution is a process where each state has to ratify. That was the 22nd Amendment . Congress passed the amendment on March 21, 1947 but it took until February 27, 1951 to be ratified by the states.

Americans are so divided they cannot understand that the view of Trump externally is positive. I have been in Asia and they hate CNN. They say it should be banned for it makes America look very bad.