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California Bans the Sale of Furs

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Fur Coat 300x200

California has become the first state to ban the sale of new fur clothing, starting in 2023. Used second-hand furs will still be legal to sell and no doubt they will play the same game they do with expensive high-end cars. They import them to a low tariff place, pay someone to drive and put 100+ miles on the car, and then resell it as used to avoid tariffs.

The ban will not apply to leather. That would really make the car world go crazy, not to mention the shoe industry. But the attitude in California will most likely inspire a resurrection of the protests of the ’80s where they start throwing red pain on anyone wearing fur. The average person on the street will have no idea if the coat is second-hand or if it was purchased on a trip to New York City on 5th Avenue.

This only illustrates the problem when one state tries to enforce a law that is unenforceable. The ONLY possible way to impose such a law is to ban ownership. But that would then raise Constitutional concerns.