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Biden, Trump & More Insanity

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I am sure that Joe Biden made another huge gaff. He actually just said that nobody making less than $400,000 will pay a penny in tax. I’m sure he meant they will not pay “more” but I would love to see him put that in an executive order. Everyone who even gets $500,000 in a salary should immediately take a pay cut to $399,999.99 and have no taxes.



Then we have Trump’s latest message that the Republicans will take back the Senate and House and the White House sooner than anyone expects. There is no doubt that the fraud in Georgia alone could reverse a single seat in the Senate and stop all the insanity that is more likely than not going to lead to armed conflict. Between taxes, threatening the Supreme Court, and reversing the ban on government-paid abortions, is simply touching too many points from economics to religion and this thin veil of a majority of 50.4% will not hold.

Mike Lindell has been canceled, blocked, and everything but assassinated because he has been funding an investigation into the election fraud. While he says it will have to be a 9-0 vote at the Supreme Court, he still has to get there and assume they would hear the case. My view is the Supreme Court should be expanded but politicians should not select the justices and discretion to hear cases should end.

Supreme Court BW

Then the Supreme Court is also sending a warning to the Democrats who seem to portray that simply because a Republican appoints a justice they will only vote the party line. That is how Capital Hill works and they assume the same is true in the Supreme Court – or do they? It was Chief Justice Roberts who saved Obamacare against other Republican Justices. Now in this latest decision Justices Barrett, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh sided with liberal Supreme Court justices in a computer fraud case. The vote breakdown pitted the three Trump-appointed justices and the court’s three liberals against the three more senior Republican-appointed justices: Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito. Then the liberal justice handed it to Justice Barrett to write the opinion for the liberals.


The case is focused on a narrow issue of statutory interpretation rather than the broad constitutional issues that animate much of the hot-button debate around the Supreme Court. The justices overturned the conviction of a police officer, Nathan Van Buren, who was paid to run a license plate search in violation of the police department’s policy. The prosecutors charged him under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Justices Barrett keenly wrote that he had access so he did not hack into the computer getting things he was not allowed. Instead, he was guilty of abuse of his position, but not the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

I fully agree. This is how prosecutors abuse the law. If this case stood, then everything in the world of computers could be a fraud. Justice Amy Coney Barrett wrote that The government’s reading would criminalize everything from embellishing an online dating profile to using a pseudonym on Facebook. I find that I rarely agree with Alito or Roberts despite that they are Republicans. Barrett’s decision was absolutely correct.

Then we have Schumer pushing to allow anyone without ID to vote is insane and with same-day registration. That is simply saying everyone in Mexico can freely vote in the United States as can all Europeans and Canadians. While we’re at it, both China and Russia can legally vote. If nobody has to prove they are even American, then Putin can vote as well – legally!

Fauci March Madness

Then we have the emails of Dr. Fauci and his March Madness game of joking about deaths is just mind-blowing. Has anyone bothered to report on the consent forms you need to sign waiving all your rights and acknowledging that this is an “experimental vaccine” that is not approved! Right there it is telling you this is NOT long-term tested or approved and may do things nobody has thought of yet.

How many times do they make recalls of products such as food, dog food, and even cars because it was later discovered there was a mistake. How will they recall a vaccine? The CDC director pleads with teens to get vaccinated. This is just irresponsible and then they anoint themselves with total immunity. Wars have been fought for less.

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Just because these drug companies say it’s safe for 12-year olds, I do not buy it. I’m sorry, but these people in the Biden Administration will NEVER admit there has been any mistake. We have to get the government out of this Gates/Schwab agenda for the Great Reset. Humanity may be on the line. What will it take? Outright civil war? Someone needs to tell Schumer he too is mortal and cannot take his power to the grave any more than all the benefits and bribes he may have received over the years.