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Biden Suing Texas to Stop Them From Deporting Illegal Aliens

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Biden’s controlled Justice (JustUs) Department has sued the state of Texas regarding their new state law that would authorize local police and judges to arrest and remove undocumented immigrants. The Biden Administration is flooding the nation with illegal aliens. It (1) intends to grant citizenship by executive order to rig the 2024 election, and (2) it will require them to join the military to fight China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran, just to mention a few.

The Texas statute is due to go into effect in a matter of months. Biden is claiming that this Texas law is unconstitutional, allocating powers to local officials that have been reserved for the federal government. However, the Supreme Court ruled in HARRIS V. McRAE, 448 U.S. 297 (1980) that the Constitution is NEGATIVE, not POSITIVE. That means there is no obligation by any state to provide services to illegal aliens any more than to citizens.

Biden has turned the Constitution upside down. Texas and any other state are NOT under any obligation to provide anything to illegal aliens. They should all get a free bus ticket to Washington, DC. Let the Congress members fight their way to get home and to work, stepping over all the people living on the streets. The Supreme Court was confronted with an abortion case, and the issue was whether the state should pay for it as a right. The holding is very clear and correct. The Constitution is NEGATIVE, and as such, it is a RESTRAINT upon government – not a POSITIVE instrument that compels the government to provide any social benefits whatsoever as some entitlement.

To all our readers in Texas, get a hold of your state representative and tell them NOT to provide anything to illegal aliens whatsoever. Hand them a free bus ticket to Washington, DC. That’s it.