The Best form of Government

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One person wrote, “Have you ever realized that you are the first true psychohistorian ever, as in Asimov’s Foundation?” Many others are writing in and asking if I could elaborate on my recent statement, “So just start planning now for the next real Great Reset which will be the overthrow of the republic.”

I must confess, I never read Asimov’s Foundation. From reading the cliff notes, I gather it was based upon the fall of Rome. Psychohistory seems to describe an amalgam of psychology, history, and related social sciences and the humanities all combined. Quite honestly, history repeats as I have said many times because the passions of man never change. A mother still cries for her son who dies in battle today as she did in ancient times. To me, in order to understand history you must connect the dots, and to do so that requires an understanding of the thinking process of the time WITHOUT imposing your interpretation based upon what is now.

I have given the example of the city of Philadelphia they named because in Greek it meant “brotherly love,” so the Quakers interpreted that in a Christian sense that yes, I love my brother. The true interpretation at that time in ancient Greece meant incest. They called Ptolemy II Pheladelphos because he married his sister. Context is everything, just as it was wrong to interpret the ancient Egyptians as Pagans or the Greeks saying they worshiped many gods, which was not true. The Egyptians believed in one god they called Rha being the sun, because it gave life. The others represented an individual sin or trait but were never seen as gods of creators.


The Sistine Chapel has as its centerpiece Michelangelo’s “God Creating Adam.” All of our representations of God are symbolic. Nobody actually knows the face of God. The Greeks also never saw their many gods as creators. They were really seen as Titans who were mischievous to put it politely. When you died, you were judged, but not by Zeus, but by the three fates. So many ancient statues are beheaded because the ignorant early Christians thought every statue was a God.

Psychohistory examines the “why” of history, which in my mind involved the intention and actual behavior of why people and governments act the way they do. Effectively, what I have discovered is that when confronted with a similar set of events, those in power will always respond in the same manner.

Republics are the worst form of government because they always collapse into oligarchies. Even a dictatorship is better, for they are not prone to such corruption. Republics allow people to be elected, but there is no way to prevent them from doing things that are against the very people who elected them. When the bribes are too tempting, they simply can be bought, and that is always their fate. Unfortunately, the Founding Fathers believed Cicero which was the fake news of the day because he was an Optimate and part of the oligarchy. Hence, he distorted the account of Caesar for when he crossed the Rubicon. In reality, the Senate fled, and the people cheered Caesar as their savior from a debt crisis. (see: Anatomy of a Debt Crisis).

The only form of government that deserves a try in the face of the Democrats insisting on mail-in ballots is a direct democracy. The people must vote on every bill proposed, and there can be no adding of nonsense that has nothing to do with the bill. The Social Security Act was 16 pages. Obamacare was at least 33,000 pages. Nobody reads that type of legislation, and they make it that long to hide bombshells.