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Attorney Wanted in California to Save the Nation

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Rule of Law Blind

The letter from the LOS ANGELES COUNTY CEO’S OFFICE AND BOARD OF SUPERVISORS has informed all workers for the Los Angeles County district, that they MUST prove that they have taken the vaccine- two shots! and boosters will be made mandatory as well.  Those that do not comply will be immediately terminated without pay permanently beginning the first of October 2021. Readers have sought any lawyer willing to file a class-action suit that could challenge the validity of the decision by the Supreme Court in Jacobson v. Massachusetts, 197 U.S. 11 (1905). It is important that the wording of that decision provides openings. It states clearly that any mandatory vaccination only applies to those who are “fit” and it does not apply to everyone on a wholesale basis.

The highest court of Massachusetts not having held that the compulsory vaccination law of that State establishes the absolute rule that an adult must be vaccinated even if he is not a fit subject at the time or that vaccination would seriously injure his health or cause his death, this court holds that, as to an adult residing in the community, and a fit subject of vaccination, the statute is not invalid as in derogation of any of the rights of such person under the Fourteenth Amendment.

Moreover, the Jacobson case was dealing with the smallpox vaccination. Medically, it is EXTREMELY important to distinguish that vaccine from the present experimental vaccines which has NOT been approved, but also the statistics prove that COVID is by no means lethal as was the case with smallpox. Yet, smallpox was a disease that was unique to humans and did not originate in animals. That means it COULD BE eradicated by a vaccine whereas that is IMPOSSIBLE with the COVID vaccine for that is like the annual flu it will mutate and resides in animals and therefore will remain within society continuously.

Moreover, there is no long-term study or testing that establishes that these vaccines are indeed safe. The CDC is keeping track of the many side-effects which in many cases has been lethal. Therefore, any lawyer willing to defend the Constitution and our way of life who realizes that these vaccines will NEVER end COVID and thus there will NEVER be a return to normal that will in itself alter our way of life for the future and that of our posterity.

I will be glad to assist if anyone has the stomach to take on this issue. There are plenty of exceptions in the Jacobson decision.