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Attorney General Held in Contempt of Congress

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The Rule of Law has been torn to pieces. The entire Justice System in the United States is rapidly becoming a joke internationally as we border on becoming indistinguishable from the Banana Republic, where the pretense of law is only the self-interest of those in power. In Plato’s classic work, you will find the debate between Thraysmachus and Socrates. More than 2000 years ago, Thrasymachus observed what we see going on right now. JUSTICE is the same in every form of government, be it dictatorship, monarchy, or pretend democracy. JUSTICE is always the self-interest of those in power, and NOTHING has ever changed.

Thrasymachus Quote

Once power is handed to the government, they will expand that power until they terminate all LIBERTY. That is what the CBDCs are all about – total control. If you protest, your bank account will be seized, and you will starve to death, just as they did to the truckers in Canada. This passage from Thraymachus established beyond a shadow of a doubt that HISTORY REPEATS over and over again, BECAUSE human nature never changes.


It was this very Biden administration that has thrown Trump’s advisors in prison in contempt for asserting Executive Privilege, as in the case of Steve Bannon. Bannon was convicted of contempt of Congress in 2022 after failing to provide documents and testimony to the House Select Committee that investigated the January 6th, 2021, US Capitol attack. He was sentenced to four months in prison. The two MOST corrupt courts in the nation are New York and Washington, DC. They have their own agenda and will never apply the law fairly.

Garland Merrick AG

While the Justice Department (DOJ) has turned over transcripts and notes from the interview, The House has maintained that they need the tapes to verify the transcript’s accuracy and to confirm that Mr. Hur’s observation was justified. Attorney General Garland of the Department of Justice will not release the actual video and audio tape because transcripts never give the nuances of human speech. A lawyer will always tell you never to joke in court. If you said yes, I killed JFK as well. When read in a transcript, those words appear to be a confession. Without the audio/video, you would not know if it was a joke or not.

I have a dream

Martin Luther King said, “I have a Dream.” He is not the only one to DREAM. This brings tears to my eyes, for the once great nation, the founders’ DREAM, is crumbling to dust before my eyes, and I fear what I will leave behind for my grandchildren. There was a time when men rose against oppression, and their voices resounded in history. Their words were inviting and hopeful of a new land of honor built upon that DREAM of freedom and liberty.

Declaration Independent Mast Head

There was a time when honor was paramount, one’s word was your bond, and the vision of the future was exciting. We have reached a time when it all has gone wrong, bribed by money and only the DREAMS of the elite of endless power above the people. The generations before us fought for that DREAM in a time long gone by, when hope was everything and life was worth living in pursuit of happiness, as they had enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and then the Bill of Rights.

In God We Trust

I studied history and the evolution of law, and I once naively believed that this DREAM of liberty and freedom would never die. We embossed our currency with the phrase In God We Trust and once believed in a merciful and forgiving God who has no longer been worthy of a place in our society expelled under Marxist Socialism. Those DREAMS of the founders we may attribute to a young nation naive with hope, standing unafraid on the battlefield against oppression and tyranny. Those days of noble DREAMS are now only relegated to the unread pages of history books. Our currency is to be extinguished and transformed into digital entries on a smartphone. There was no reason for one to use the pretense of inclusion and equality to strip the rights of individuals behind the facade of caring for some minority. That unity that produced a nation has been torn apart, pitting one group against another to ensure that by dividing the people, they can conquer the cycle of time and seek to retain perpetual power unassailed forevermore.


Freedom of thought, philosophy, and religion was to be carved on a Stella that stood tall and made of white marble for eternity. But that Stella has been discolored, stained with time, and toppled to the ground ignored by those with power. Its edifice no longer shines or glistens in the sunlight. The Age of Wisdom has been overshadowed by the Age of Darkness, engulfed in corruption, and the thirst for ultimate power has ensured that history will complete its wheel of revolution. There are DREAMS of the perfect land that simply can never be.


Law has no value anymore. As Thrasymachus said long ago, it is only the self-interest of those in power. Such is the fate of all civilizations, for they are all buried in a common grave. Garland is an absolute disgrace to the United States. To even argue that voter ID is not necessary when they are secretly pushing for total control with Digital Currencies and Digital IDs so the elite can defeat the wheel of time to grasp that brass ring of power forevermore.