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American Legal Tyranny

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1 Tyranny

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, Being a European, I have been shocked at how Trump could be charged with 91 crimes for the same thing. I understand your analogy that if someone kills a person, it is one crime. To set a multitude of murders based on the number of bullets fired would be absurd. So how can they possibly create 91 crimes out of one? American justice seems to have collapsed entirely. It is no longer the beacon of liberty it once was, and they criticize Russia and China. Out of 177 countries on the Global list of countries for human rights, the US is 112. This Trump fiasco is showing that ranking is optimistic.

Thank you for explaining this strange case.


ANSWER: They have abused the “white color” crimes and pushed them to the point of total insanity, becoming the worst tyranny in all recorded history of jurisprudence. Let’s say we both cheated someone out of $1,000. It took you ten emails or phone calls to do that, but I accomplished the same crime with just one email; that is a huge difference under this tyranny. You will be charged with ten crimes of Wire GFraud, and I will be accused of just one. It is no different from charging a murderer with multiple murders because he fired more than one bullet, yet there was only one person dead.

Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Independence Mock Trials

The American legal system has become WORSE than what the American Revolution was all about. In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson listed among the complaints not charging the king’s agents for crimes against the people. Sound familiar with exonerating police based on killing someone by mistake? We have no right to consent to taxes; if we refuse to pay, we go to prison.

I was held in civil contempt and DENIED a trial by jury on the claim (1) it was civil and not criminal, and (2) I had no constitutional rights because corporations do not. They created a legal fiction that I was imprisoned as only a corporate officer, citing US v Braswell, 487 U.S. 99 (1988). However, if a company wants to donate to a politician, suddenly, they have a First Amendment right to do so. They can take away all your human rights on legal fiction and pretend this is justice for all and innocent until proven guilty. There is no rule of law left in the United States. Trump’s case is showing the injustice in America to the entire world. The legal system of the United States no longer functions ethically no less morally.

2006 Supreme Court

It took years for me to get to the Supreme Court. When the Supreme Court ordered the government to explain what was going on and they could not, they suddenly released me and told the Supreme Court the case was moot for the contempt ended. That is how they get out of things. When you finally get your day in court, they pretend it never happened.