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A First Amendment Issue Beyond Belief

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Free Speech 2

You have to understand that we actually have ZERO rights. The Constitution is NEGATIVE meaning it is actually a restraint upon the GOVERNMENT rather than a positive list of rights that we have. That is how the media and social media have been violating the principles of free speech we thought we had. That is why any private platform can do whatever it wants because we have no actual right to freedom of speech – only that the government SHALL NOT restrict our speech.

This introduced what I believe will be an explosive issue in 2023. Already the Emails between an employee at the United States (US) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Twitter have revealed that at least one CDC staff member and the US Census Bureau had access to Twitter’s dedicated “Partner Support Portal” which allows approved government partners to flag content to Twitter for censorship. New Zealand has already admitted to having access to Twitter in the same manner to censor speech.

This is a MONUMENTAL event for linking the government to the backdoor of Twitter means that the government has violated the First Amendment right to Free Speech and that then becomes actionable. It will not be long before we see class-action lawsuits and this is not excusable under Sovereign Immunity for this is DELIBERATE. The emails that have been released by the nonprofit organization America First Legal show that Twitter was enrolling a CDC employee into this portal through their personal account in May 2021 (pages 182-194).

Then we have the Missouri v. Biden case which has the potential to become perhaps the most important civil liberties case of 2023 and may rise to that of decades. The case was brought by Missouri and Louisiana, along with other individual plaintiffs and it asks the court to bar the government from colluding with social media companies to limit free speech. Now even Jen Psaki will be deposed.

We are on the verge of cracking open the entire corruption of government insofar as their deliberate acts to skirt the First Amendment by pretending that it is the private sector that is engaging in the Cancel Culture – not at the direction of the government. There is enough ammunition here to possibly blow a hole in this entire Cancel Culture. The problem will be getting the press to report the truth when they are the very people who have conspired with the government to circumvent the First Amendment.

2032 Sixth Wave

We may be looking at the very beginning of the collapse in confidence long-term, which is what 2032 is all about.