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1871 Act making DC a Corporation

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1871 Act making DC

QUESTION: I am finding it hard to find the Act of 1871 in the Constitution.
Can you please help me find it.

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ANSWER: The Act of 1871 incorporated the District of Columbia – NOT the United States!. Here is an article about it when it passed. Trump did not dissolve the US and Biden is not the president of just DC.  The United States was NOT bankrupt in 1933. Virtually the entire world defaulted in 1931 and the US dollar rose in value so high that it forced FDR to devalue the dollar for trade purposes. The US ended up with 76% of the world gold reserves because Europe destroyed its economy twice with both world wars. These claims are total nonsense! Municipal governments are always corporations.

Trump may start a third party and the name being floated around is the Patriot Party. Unless 17 Republicans vote guilty and then they can join the Democrats and bar him permanently from ever running for president in a second vote if convicted by the Senate. Keep in mind that there are swamp-creatures also in the Republican party like McConnel. Since they too are up there in years and unlikely to be around for 2024, they would have no problem voting against him to save the swamp.

I really do not see why people need to keep making up crazy stories. All I can assume is they are doing so to deliberately flush people out. Others may simply be unfamiliar with what they are even talking about. There were videos going around that the Supreme Court was trying to tell Trump how to file after they dismissed the Texas suit. That was just laughable! They filed under the original jurisdiction of the Supreme Court whereas claiming they needed to file under Article III was already attempted. That is filing in a district court, then the appeals court, and then to the Supreme Court. If they wanted to take the case they would have. There were two dissents. That was a political decision to preserve the swamp – plain and simple.

Here is the full article.

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