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Veritas Exposes CNN & They Have Blood on their Hands for Creating a Fear & Panic

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Project Veritas has exposed CNN for what it truly is – an anti-American propaganda machine intent upon overthrowing everything we thought our future would be. They single-handedly escalated the “FEAR” over COVID to get rid of Trump. However, in the process, they sealed the fate of the entire world and handed it to Klaus Schwab and his illustrious dream of reinstituting authoritarian government and for nations to surrender power to the United Nations.

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Schwab and others are against Democracy and believe we are TOO STUPID to know what is best for us. In Europe, they eliminated any right of the people to vote out the current government in Brussels. The European Commission is a dictatorship – it never stands for election. The head of the EU never stands for election. The people ONLY get to vote for Parliament which has no power to overrule the Commission. It is all a dog and pony show. The EU claims falsely that “only European Union institution elected by direct universal suffrage.” Members of Parliament get paid extra if they actually show up. There is a line in the morning to swipe their cards as if they were attending and then turn and leave all to get the extra money.



Political RevolutionWhen Trump was elected, it sent a panic through the world government who suddenly feared that they could be voted out of power. That was just intolerable. This “BUILD BACK BETTER” slogan was being floated around in Davos in late 2018 more than one year before COVID. Make no mistake about it. The American Revolution against monarchy sent a wave of panic throughout Europe at the thought that kings would be overthrown.

In February 1761, Boston lawyer James Otis (1725-1783) delivered a five-hour speech that railed against the use of writs of assistance (general search warrants) in Massachusetts. John Adams was there and he said “then and there was the first scene of the first act of opposition to the arbitrary claims of Great Britain. Then and there, the child Independence was born.

Today, politicians fear what they call “populism” which is why Trump had to go. Like the monarchs of old who feared losing power with the American Revolution which spread to France, today they fear “populism” and the uprising of the people once again. This is what CNN has been doing. Paving the road to tyranny in the most seditious manner possible creating deadly fear among the population. Then those in medicine have been brided to call everything covid. Now evidence is emerging that nearly a quarter of registered Covid deaths are NOT caused by the virus.

The loss of our liberty should be actionable against CNN and put it out of business. They should be liable for the death of people who were denied medical help because of this COVID Panic they created. CNN is dripping in blood of all the suicides among teenagers for they saw they lost all their dreams by lockdown and closing schools.