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The Rule of Law Crumbles

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The House Judiciary ranking member Rep. Doug Collins delivered a speech on the floor against the Impeachment. What he points out is critical. Pelosi declared Trump guilty with no evidence and pushed it on him to prove he was innocent. She has indeed trashed the Constitution and in her personal vengeance to rush to impeach before he would leave office, she has not just rushed to judgment but revealed just how the United States has fallen from the rule of law. Once a nation abandons the rule of law, it cannot possibly survive.

Pelosi Tears up Trumps Speech

It is one thing to write what Socrates is forecasting about the decline and fall of the United States and Western Society and something entirely different when one must watch that forecast unfold day by day. This speech of Mr. Collins was spot on. Pelosi simply hates Trump and was more eager to ensure that she did her best to try to destroy his image, his business, and she called upon her Social Media co-conspirators to shut down all comment that supported Trump or was anti-Democratic. In her actions from tearing up the State of the Union speech to this rush to impeach, Pelosi will be remembered as the vilest person to ever hold the position of Speaker of the House.

Every person who voted for this impeachment has revealed their total lack of respect for the Constitution. Her proxy votes meaning people were not even there and others voted for them was unheard of in the history of our nation. I am not a fan of career politicians. This incident has marked a new low. The former head of Russia, Gorbachev, has come out and stated that the Capitol invasion calls into question the stability of the US as a state. He is absolutely correct. The Democrat’s drive for socialism has brought the US to the bring of collapse claiming a 50.4% majority is somehow a mandate to crush the opposition with the help of Twitter and Facebook.

A reader has sent in a comment which is important to listen to people who have lived through such dark times.

I have been following your blog for the last 7 years. Sokrates’ analyses are astonishing. Coming from a postwar Generation, having fled in 1946 from the Communists in Czechoslovakia with my parents, who lost all the possessions in the Berlin bombings and what they salvaged to be taken by the Communists I feel deeply disturbed by the World events taking place. In Austria, we have Government Radio called FM4 targetting the younger Generation. Propaganda has reached a peak. In the news, they commented that, after the Capitol Event, Families are reporting on their next of kin with social media to the FBI!
This is exactly how Hitler started to divide and persecute the Population at large. The same Practice by the East German STASI Secret Police!°
The “Corona Laws ” throughout Europe with their insane Lockdowns are so deliberately Anti Constitution, to prepare us for Totalitarian Rule!
The Population in their blindness does not see it!! They even cheer to their own demise!!
Green Eco Communism is definitely here to stay.
Keep your word spreading to help to save us from China style total control future.
keep safe