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Pelosi’s Laptop & Conspiracy Theories

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Look, the siege of the Capital was clearly a staged event. They allowed people in because there were other operatives there as well. Here is a video of men in hoodies who the people thought were Antifa running out of the building. They at least responded that they were NOT Antifa. It is believed that these were the men who grabbed Pelosi’s Laptop. I have been warning that we are in a political coup and this is GLOBAL. The removal of Donald Trump was absolutely critical to their global agenda. Social Media is involved and they are desperately trying to shut everyone down who might expose the agenda.


This is a video of an Italian lawyer regarding the interference in the US election which is alleged to have been pulled off by US intelligence agencies who wanted Trump out to be free to wage war.

Bank Broken

There is so much running around that it is hard right now to make sure what is true and what is false. Then we have people claiming it’s a plot of the central banks to rule the world with digital currencies. That is just absurd. This is a plot with a solution sold to world leaders by Klaus Schwab to cancel the debts public and private (you will own nothing and you’ll be happy) because the financial system is cracking and this is from the fiscal side of politicians – not the central banks.

This is what I have been saying, we are in the midst of a sovereign debt crisis and they are desperate to take over the government removing Trump for


  1.  climate change,
  2.  world coordination via UN, World Bank, IMF, WEF
  3.  to eliminate currency moving to digital to be able to stop hoarding ane tax everyone and everything eliminating the underground economy.


That does NOT benefit the central banks – it benefits the politicians. People pushing the central bank scenario is either a false flag to hide the real agenda from the World Economic Forum, or they are just conspiracy theorists. It is the national debts that are in crisis. Digital currency to increase control of central banks is a diversion. It is the national debts of the politicians that can no longer be maintained.