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Chicago Falls at Midnight

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Resistance is not futile. I have said before that once the police turn against the government, the reins of power will loosen. Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara is asking officers to defy vaccine mandates set to go into effect on Friday, October 15. The city is demanding that officers submit their vaccination status into a portal system by midnight on Thursday or risk entering into non-payment status. Catanzara admitted that it is unknown what the city will do with this portal information, and is urging officers to refrain from submitting their personal data. “Hold the line,” Catanzara said, noting that the ongoing harassment from city officials indicates a “low cooperation level” from officers.

Instead, Catanzara will provide members with three different vaccination mandate forms for religious, conscientious, and medical exemptions. “Show up for work and let them send you home for not submitting in the portal, but make sure you show up for work,” he warned. The union will then file a class-action lawsuit against the city for any missed wages due to the vaccine mandate. The police president made it clear that this display of mass disobedience is in direct response to Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s unwillingness to budge. “[Lightfoot says] do it or else — because I said so! Well, we say otherwise.”

What does this mean for the city of Chicago? “It’s safe to say that the city of Chicago will have a police force at 50 percent or less for this weekend coming up,” he cautioned. Chicago is currently one of the most violent and lawless cities in America under Mayor Lori Lightfoot. Before the summer even ended, murders in Chicago surpassed a 25-year high that has not been seen since the crack epidemic. Catanzara is confident that the city will be forced to act in under a week. But at what cost? The politicians are beginning to lose at their own game. How can you pretend to care about your constituents when you are willing to let the city fall into decay? The Great Unwashed has had enough.