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Breaking News – The Administration Resigns over Inflation Gov’t Falls

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Revolution Announced

Sorry, if you thought this was the Biden Administration or Germany, Austria, or France. Unfortunately, it was just the Kazakhstan Government has collapsed and its leaders are fleeing. Also, its internet has been crashed. Nevertheless, it shows what is possible when the police and military do not support the tyranny of the political body. They are left stripped of all power. Hence, there are revolutions that unfold in a bloodbath when the military supports the government and a bloodless revolution when the military and police realize their own futures are also at stake for their children and families.

Nevertheless, there are reports that Russia and Belarus are sending troops to support the government and Russia is blaming the US for instigating this revolution to divert Russia from Ukraine. Interesting how it erupted still on the target of January 6th. We will have to pay attention for whenever something takes place on the day, it is often critical looking back with hindsight.