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Word of Warning – They Can’t Put Trump in Prison But They Can You for Protesting

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Trump Arrained

This will be a day remembered in the history of the entire world. It is the day that the United States indicted and arrested a former president to prevent him from running in the 2024 election. Even Richard Nixon was pardoned because they fear that the civil unrest that might unfold would tear the fabric of the nation apart. Today, the Department of Justice is praying for anything to start to arrest anyone protesting for Trump and call them a domestic terrorist to set an example by striking fear into the heart of people to vote for Biden and shut the hell up. This was the day that the United States begins its decline and fall.

The Arrest of Donald Trump on charges related to the alleged mishandling of classified documents has demonstrated to the world that the United States is no longer the beacon of liberty and justice for all. Besides Biden having classified documents, taking actual bribes, and Hillary setting up a private server on which there were also classified documents so nothing she had on that would be accessible under the Freedom of Information Act because it was private – not government. This has clearly shown that the Biden Administration has weaponized the Department of Justice just like every other corrupt government including Ukraine – Zelensky criminally charge his opponent as well.

Decline Fall of USA


Today marks the very first time a former president has ever been arrested by the U.S. government. Trump pleaded not guilty to all charges. MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber reports was so excited, it probably pissed his pants. No doubt the jubilation is static at CNN, NY Times, Washington Post, etc, etc.  As they said when Rome fell, they too were still laughing.

ANY Republican politician that abandons Trump you now know their true colors. The reason why, the rumor running around is that the DOJ is cheering for they intend to indict Trump supporters on whatever scheme they can make up before the 2024 election. So you will see, Republican throwing Trump under the bus. This is a warning to anyone who thinks they really can drain the swamp. DeSantis – please stay here in Florida. You will NEVER make a difference in that town. The time for declaring the Democracy of Florida is rapidly approaching.



And to those who hate Trump, this has nothing to do with Trump. If the Republican gain power, they will retaliate with the same vengeance and lack of rule of law. We have crossed the Rubicon. As for the RINOS who will not defend the country, the constitution, or even speak up about the weaponizing of the DOJ against political opponents, we now know who you really are and you do not stand by the Constitution. We live in a full-blow authoritarian dictatorship. As even the cartoons use to sign off  – That’s All folks! We now have less than 8 years left. Protesting will do nothing at this point, The Die has been Cast, as Caesar said when crossing the Rubicon. There is absolutely nothing we can do to reverse the trend.

Perhaps the line from Bohemian Rhapsody – Nothing Really Matters – Is becoming the New National Anthem