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Why No Democrat will Admit the Truth About COVID-19

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BURR Sales 2 13 2020

QUESTION: Why are the democrats refusing to address the recent information which confirms that COVID-19 has a death rates of less than 1%? Why do they continue to try to scare people and pass acts to invade our privacy?


REPLY: They have no incentive to tell the truth. There were people who sold everything long before the World Health Organization declared anything about this virus. This has been an intended coup and that is really the bottom line. It was a Democrat who from Illinois, the basket-case of the United States, Bob Rush, who wants to effectively force people to be tested and to assist them in being imprisoned in their homes (see HR 6666). I cannot image how a politician grew up an America has crossed-over and became a tyrant and thinks this is OK.


They will NOT let this go because in September when the next flu season begins, the Democrats will be running headlines that people are dying because Trump opened the economy. This is all they have to try to overthrow him. We will witness the most corrupt election in American history come 2020. Expect the votes to be rigged. The turmoil they will unleash on the nation and the world may be far more than we can even speculate. They will NEVER accept a Trump victory. It will be their way or no way.