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Why I Oppose George Soros

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Soros, I believe, is trying to do the same thing as Karl Marx. He is funding an experiment to alter society into what he thinks it should be. I believe in Adam Smith and the best way to help society is to rid it of people like Soros who think they have the right to reshape society into what they believe it should be. The invisible hand works fine and it is the essence of nature. People like Soros admit they do not believe in God, so that means they also assume the universe is theirs to manipulate and play the role of  God. People like Soros always want to rule the world through central planning. It is just not possible, for humanity is the inventor driven by the mother of everything — necessity — never the rulers.

lions-killing-elephantSorry, I have studied the world through the eyes of our clients globally, watching how we all act in our own self-interest just as animals in the wild also have a survival instinct. The design of nature is that one species survives by consuming another. The idea that we can create utopia where everyone enjoys perfect harmony is against the design of nature.

In trading, Soros was quick to recognize a currency peg that was against the natural cycle and thus was overvalued. He jumped on that currency and devoured it just like a lion. Then he wants to pretend to be God and make it an open society?

Soros needs to first study his own actions that are the same as a lion and its prey. He is not competent to judge the world while he bribes or supports politicians who will agree to his idea as long as he hands them the money.

Sorry, I believe in laissez-faire because the system is far too complicated for man to try to change it.