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Why Biden is the Perfect President

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In all honesty, what people call “natural law” is simply a vague body of moral principles regarded as a basis for all human conduct. There is no written law, nor is there some great principle shared among nations. There is international law, and there is the international definition of human rights. But there is no such body of written “natural law” to which Biden says only lawyers know. These are simply ideas with no statutory authority and would never be cited in any Supreme Court case.

There is a serious question about Biden’s competency, and that makes him the absolute perfect president to push this Great Reset agenda upon the world. He was never regarded as very intelligent, to begin with. He has been caught using other people’s work many times. This time they did not want a president who would dare to think for himself. They went completely in the opposite direction from Trump, who Washington hated because he thought a president was actually supposed to run the country.