Where to Hide – Nobody Knows Just Yet

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QUESTION: Signor Armstrong,

anni fa ho letto il libro di Ayn Rand, la Rivolta di Atlante, lei mi ricorda tanto John Galt e Socrates la sua tecnologia segreta. Secondo Lei, esiste anche un posto dove andare a rifugiarsi nel periodo buoi?

Grazie per illuminarci la strada.


ANSWER: There is no question that Bill Gates’ endeavor is no different than other usurpers throughout history. Normally, they used their wealth or borrowed more to hire mercenary armies to overthrow a king. In this case, Gates has created a global health monopoly and the politicians, as well as the press, have sold out the people to carve out a new world order created Gates’ image. Nobody knows what his real end goal is, perhaps except Google, which can analyze how everyone thinks including Gates by his contacts and searches.

I will let everyone know as soon as we can calculate this out. Off the cuff, it clearly seems to be that the former Communist regions will enjoy the most freedoms, a sort of cycle inversion. The president of Belarus has been blaming Gates and Soros. In fact, they drove Soros out of their country.