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What is the Agenda?

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Trump Defeated by COVID

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the more socialistic the country, the greater the demand for us to be tracked. Australia is telling its people if you want to end the lockdown, then you must be tracked. This virus is by no means so dangerous to warrant such a complete breakdown of all our liberty. What seems to be emerging is that they know the monetary system is collapsing. A number of people have written in and said they have been following our models warning that 2021-2022 was going to be the breakdown of the monetary system. Perhaps, the actions of these socialists are clearly strategic and highly anti-democratic.

Democray Authoritarianism Jailed

What comes next? Suspension of elections so we transform into totalitarian states? I would not expect that in the USA until they get rid of Trump. I would strongly advise he does not take any vaccine on the recommendation of Fauci.