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What Happened On January 6, 2021?

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After a year and hundreds of arrests, we still do not know what happened on January 6, 2021. Over 16 news agencies are urging the US government to release footage from that day to no avail. Were the protestors allowed into the building? The government keeps secrets when it has something to hide. I reported last year that the events that unfolded that day were a false flag.

The event was clearly orchestrated in advance to achieve three objectives:

  1. To stop any demand to investigate the election
  2. To further the Domestic Terrorist Act
  3. To justify creating a wall around the Capitol to protect them while imposing the Great Reset

Pelosi Armd Insurrection 300x196

The Democrats used the event to deflect from the investigation into election fraud, labeling anyone who participated in the protest as a domestic terrorist. Pelosi and Schumer lied to the public by claiming it was an “armed insurrection,” despite the FBI failing to recover any guns. The only people who were undoubtedly armed that day were the cops who murdered unarmed citizens such as Ashli Babbitt. January 6 also allowed the left to spin propaganda for the media to divide the country further. “There are legitimate white supremacist sympathizers that sit at the heart and at the core of the Republican Caucus,” AOC cried, claiming that she had a close call with death that day. In truth, AOC’s office was not in the same building where the protest took place — she lied.

In the same breath, those same lawmakers were mute when left-supporting groups such as BLM burned downed cities and municipal buildings. No one was charged as a domestic terrorist for those crimes. Instead, Pelosi constructed a since removed barrier around the Capitol as she knew that civil unrest was growing. In truth, the unrest was the people v. politicians, but the political rhetoric made neighbors turn on one another.

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Were the people exercising their right to protest, or were they guilty of domestic terrorism? This does not seem as organized as an event such as Mussolini’s “March on Rome,” where an actual insurrection occurred. Did the protestors have clearance from someone within to enter the building? The Department of Justice unwillingly gave misdemeanors to those who did not incite violence while handing out felonies to those who allegedly clashed with police or destroyed government property. Everyone involved now has a record that will follow them permanently. Yet, only the government truly knows what unfolded on January 6, 2021.