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What Comes After Trump Will Be a Major Political Confrontation that May Lead to Civil War

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The man who took a pickaxe and destroyed Trump’s Star in Holywood’s Walk of Fame was booked on a felony vandalism charge. I have stated before, ALL revolutions come from the left. They somehow hate people who have more than they do and they use that hatred to justify killing and robbing them. The core of conservatives is really the opposite. They just want to be left alone and everyone should be entitled to pursue their own happiness. Then there is the extreme right who also turn to violence and this is what completes the circle of politics. If you go far to the left you end up violent and you move far to the right and you join with the left in violence.

The hatred from the left just keeps building. I fear our computer will be correct and we are indeed headed into a civil war and the next presidential election may be that spark. Now a  pair of fake Russian soldiers stood guard at the remains of President Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star. The hatred against Trump is really amazing you would think he was out to write laws against everyone.

I really am concerned about what comes after Trump. The political establishment wants to take back control. They are against any outsider left or right. This may erupt into real violence in the streets for the next election.