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Were Politics Always This Divided?

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Politics were never divided to the level we see today. I have people write in to say that politics has always been a divisive and dirty game. While that is true, there is no denying that America has never been less united. Socrates is not forecasting a typical partisan debacle come election season, rather, Socrates is predicting a massive rise in civil unrest that will explode by the beginning of September. By 2028, there may not be a US Presidential election at all.

Take a look at the video above. One may recall the division that took place when Barack Obama was running for president. There has always been the left v the right, but there was humanity. Everyone still identified as an American, first and foremost. The debates today have come down to outright battles between the two sides where neither feels the other deserves to exist on the same land. In the movie “Civil War,” one separatist soldier questioned, “What kind of American are you?” This line of thinking is precisely what we see today, and it is precisely on time.

Cicero 5

We are in the final stages of the decline and fall of republics. When the founding fathers founded America, they cited Cicero who was the fake news of the ancient world – eventually they beheaded him and nailed him, he was that bad. They thought it was a republic against monarchy or, effectively, a republic is always the most corrupt because everyone is up for sale. The scenario created is far worse than a dictatorship, as one cannot bribe a dictator.

Simply look and listen to the current president of the United States, the most powerful man in the world who cannot hold a coherent thought. Juxtaposing his speech and mannerisms to only a few years ago is simply tragic. He has declined into a shell of his former self. The establishment will not allow Biden to step away from power without utterly humiliating him first so that there is no question as to why they must swap out their candidate.

CBS conducted a survey that found 72% of all voters questioned the president’s cognitive abilities. We are not merely questioning his policies, but we are questioning whether he is fit enough to function. About 35% of Americans still held onto false hope that Biden could physically serve another term, but that dropped to a mere 27% after his debate with Donald Trump. The establishment believes that We the People are idiots when we can clearly see that our president has a serious mental impairment. What’s worse is that one side still believes people will vote for a senile man.

They are deliberately creating outrage among the public and failing to listen to the wishes of the people. The newly installed candidate who will replace Biden will “save the day” in the eyes of the Democrats, but that person will merely fuel the anger on the right. The left has been the most outspoken in terms of their discontent with the government, even under a liberal administration. What will they do if their candidate loses? The corrupt legal system like Manhattan DA Alvin Braggs will not prosecute anyone on the left. The right has been demonized and backed into a corner.

The 2024 US Presidential Election will not follow the normal discourse of Republicans v Democrats. We have two completely different schools of thought competing for the future of America as we have known it. Economics drives everything and NO ONE is content with the current state of the economy, but they do not understand how it functions and are willing to assign blame to either party. It has taken years, a pandemic, mass migration, and woke politics to fuel a landscape of absolute hate. I fear that a civil war is inevitable as both sides want to reclaim their version of America.