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Was the 2020 Election Rigged?

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2020 Election Forecast 6 Models EC

2020 Election Forecast 6 Models

COMMENT: You are just a Trump supporter. The election was not rigged. Get over it.


REPLY:   I am terribly sorry, but the forecasts from markets to politics are NEVER my personal opinion. I am just along for the ride. Clients come to us for the plain and simple reason that it is the UNBIASED computer forecasts they seek – not how I felt when I woke up that day. People typically judge others by themselves. For you to accuse me means you must be in the anti-Trump camp. I feel sorry for you because you are too biased to ever look at anything from an open mind perspective.

2020 Combined

Our models made it obvious that it was a 50/50 split on the Popular Vote, which I relayed. Our models on the Electoral College were conclusive – Trump should have won. This is not my personal opinion. I have previously reported that our model showed that Al Gore should have won against Bush, but the Supreme Court handed that to Bush. Even politicians come to our site because they KNOW it is never my personal opinion.


This entire move to authoritarianism is because Trump won in 2016, and that scared the HELL out of politicians around the world. Suddenly, Democracy became evil Populism, and they realized that they could be voted out of office. Putin is popular because he was NOT a Communist nor an Oligarch. His polls are 83% approval right now. If the shoe were on the other foot, we would probably support our government as well when attacked by a foreign power.

Right now, the Democrats refuse to put RFK on their ticket, fearing he would win. Trump is polling now 50 points ahead of anyone else. The people rising to Trump are not because he is such a fantastic person; it is a vote against all the corrupt people in government.

MAIN Sec State not political

You better open your eyes. This is a vote for World War III or against it. I wish there would be a real election. There is NO WAY the 2024 election will be fair. The Maine Secretary of State, Ms. Bellows, a Democrat who removed Trump from the ballot, should be criminally charged and removed from office. She dared to say in a Jan. 1 interview with NPR:

“Politics and my personal views played no role … I swore an oath to uphold the Constitution, and that is what I did.”



Here she is in a conference call with other Democratic state politicians, talking about voter suppression, which is precisely what she engaged in. If Maine does not at least impeach her, that state will be on the list of other morally corrupt places to avoid at all costs. In her own words, when everyone participates, we “win” in protecting our democracy – which is not what we have; it’s a Republic. The people of Maine did not remove Trump from the ballot – she did behind closed doors.


insurrection Statute 18 USC 2383

She denied Trump Due Process of law, no charge, no trial; she was the prosecutor, the jury, and the judge with no public hearing, all behind secret closed doors. You cannot define the Constitution while violating it. She acted ruthlessly, as did Communist and Dictators historically. She has deliberately interfered with the election and violated everyone’s civil rights and should be barred from even being a dog catcher. You cannot violate the Constitution while pretending to defend it. Trump has NOT been charged with insurrection or rebellion, nor has anyone on January 6th. This is absolute proof that the 2024 election will be rigged, and this is not the first time. She should be dragged out of office in handcuffs, but of course, the Democratic-controlled DOJ will never charge a fellow Democrat.

Voting _18_U.S._Code_594_Intimidation_of_voters