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Voter Turnout May Reach 61%

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Turnout 2020

As of the weekend, more than 26 million people have voted, according to the U.S. Elections Project, a turnout-tracking database run by the University of Florida political scientist Michael McDonald. That’s more than six times the number of votes cast by the same point in 2016. Of course, the 2016 election produced almost 129 million votes. That means about 20% of the people have voted. Although the emphasis of this being 6 times the previous vote, this is not necessarily indicative of a major increase. We also have this created pandemic which has been created to terrorize the population.

The total number of people registered to vote is 239,247,182 or those eligible being 257,605,088. We should see a tsunami in voting this year. We see a minimum, of 55% turnout with an ideal projection of about 61%. The 2016 turnout was 55.5% compared to the previous election of 54.9%. The low was the 1996 election at 49% when Bill Clinton won.