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Video from 1947 – Don’t Be a Sucker

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This old film from 1947 serves as a warning — do not allow the government to divide us.

The video discusses how the people came together as the German people until Hitler came to power. The people were then divided by race and religion, separated, and no longer allowed to identify as simply “German.”

“If those people stuck together, if they had protected each other, they could have resisted the Nazi threat. Together they would have been strong, but once they allowed themselves to be split apart, they were helpless. When that first minority lost out, everybody lost out. They made the mistake of gambling with other people’s freedom,” the narrator said.

“You have a right to be who you are and say what you think because here we have personal freedom. These are not just fancy words, this is a practical and priceless way of living. But we must work it. We must guard everyone’s liberty or we will lose our own.”